Champions of Norath : Realms of Everquest

Champions of Norrath, PS2 Author: mrbort Date: October 15th, 2005 Version: 1.0 Questions or Comments? Please email me at mrbort at mbhshield dot com.

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Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Sashanan for helpful comments, critiques, and the above disclaimer. Also, thanks to eternal breath and msanthropy for their help in making this guide.

 Plea for information: I have had a difficult time knowing what to call various enemies throughout this guide. If anyone can give me the real names for any of these creatures, I would certainly appreciate it. Further, should anyone notice a factual error or have alternate strategies for completing any of the goals/ defeating any of the bosses, I would be more than happy to include them in subsequent revisions. All errors (except where noted) are mine. 

 Note on character choice: This guide was written using a Barbarian Male. Some of the strategies (especially for more ranged-adept classes) will vary somewhat from the methods outlined here. Note on save spheres: When you approach a save sphere, game progress up to that point will automatically be saved. However, the progress will not be saved to the memory card. To do this, you must actually activate the save sphere and save the game file. Note on Boss Names: Some miniboss names are automatically generated at random. For instance, where I have written "Mantrek the Putrid" or "Seagorn," the names in your game will likely be different. This holds for most, if not all minibosses in the game. Note on Geography: Many levels in Champions of Norrath are randomly generated; this means that there may be minor deviations in level layout/treasure chest locations/enemy distributions from what is listed in this walkthrough. These should be minor differences, however. If you don't find a treasure chest where there is one in the guide, it isn't a problem with your game.




Table of Contents

 Act I - Faydark I.1) Kelethin I.2) Lesser Faydark Forest I.3) Goblin Cave I.4) Greater Faydark Forest I.5) Orc Cave I.6) Orc Cave 2 I.7) Orc Cave 3 I.8) Ruins of Faydark I.9) Forest Ruins Interior 1 I.10) Destroy the Orc Shaman I.11) Forest Ruins Interior Level2 
ACT II - The Underworld II.1) Blackdelve Reach II.2) Ant Colony II.3) The Blackdelve Lava Fields II.4) Lava Fields: Lower Level II.5) Lava Fields: Upper Level II.6) Caverns of the Fallen: Upper Level II.7) Caverns of the Fallen: Lower Level II.8) Vanarhost Castle II.9) Vanarhost Castle - Finding Bloodvine II.10) Vanarhost Castle - To Lord Vanarhost II.11) Vanarhost Castle - Nosferatu and the Lower Level II.12) Vanarhost Castle Level 2 II.13) Escape from Blackdelve Reach 

 ACT III - The Pit of Ill Omen III.1) Water's Edge III.2) Rescuing Rondo III.3) Western Island III.4) Western Island: Killing the slavers III.5) Underwater Caves III.6) Ashen Plain III.7) Mormaz's Temple III.8) Grass Sea III.9) Sealed Temple: Extinguishing the braziers of hate III.10) Tower of Clouds III.11) The Frozen Sea: Finding the raft parts III.12) Bronzeholt: To the end of the ice III.13) The Depths III.14) Ocean Caves III.15) Water's Edge 

 ACT IV - To the Plane of Hate IV.1) City of Khathuun IV.2) The Arena IV.3) Hanging Gardens ACT V - The Plane of Air and Plane of Hate V.1) Plane of Air V.2) Plane of Hate V.3) Cauldron of Souls V.4) Lair of Innoruuk


 Faydark I.1) Kelethin The game opens on the upper levels of the treehouse village of Kelethin above the forest of Faydark. After getting your quest from the lead elf, make your way over to the elevator where you will be denied access until you have killed the goblins besieging the village. Then head over to the store. While you won't have enough gold at first to get any new weapons, you could buy a couple of potions. As a general rule for the store, if there is nothing available that is significantly better than what you have, save your gold and don't buy anything. After suitably equipped from the store, head out around the back of the store where you will pass a portal and a save sphere. Though the game automatically saves progress so that if you die you will be transported to the most recent checkpoint, it might be a good idea to save here in case of a game freeze. Move past the save sphere to a split in the walkway where you will see some of the town guard battling the goblins. As the level is circular, your choice of path does not matter. Simply work your way around the circle killing every goblin. There is a save point at the midpoint of the level. Once the final goblin is killed, you will receive a message saying that you may now use the elevator. Check back at the store, selling all the items that you do not need and upgrading if there is a significantly advanced weapon that you can also afford. Take the elevator down to Lesser Faydark Forest.  
I.2) Lesser Faydark Forest At the base of the elevator, go over to the barricade where some fighters are battling the orcs. You will be treated to a cutscene where you will be told that you do not possess the requisite armor to progress. Turn around and head down the only path available. You will come upon a group of guards battling orcs. Kill the orcs and save your game. This level has one main path with several other paths off leading off to small subsections of the forest. By following the main path, you can get through the level but will miss out on some treasure and experience from the other parts. The side paths have some orcs and bugs to battle and often there will be a dungeon to explore and clean out. You can gain a decent amount of experience and treasure by going into these dungeons and killing all of the orcs inside. In each dungeon, take care to explore all of the areas and keep an eye on your map for walls that may need to be broken. These walls can be broken using a melee attack and will provide access to other parts of the dungeon. The main path will be filled with battles between the guards and orcs. The final battle of the level is with the main orc and a two bear-boar creatures. First the two creatures come at you. Your best strategy (for a melee character) is to stay to the side of them and hack away. Then you fight the main orc guarding the entrance to his cave. Blocking is a nice strategy to use for him. After defeating the orc captain, collect the treasure from the chests and head down into the Goblin Cave.
I.3) Goblin Cave This cave is a redux of the various smaller caves that you have seen during your explorations of Lesser Faydark Forest with the exception that there are now multiple levels to traverse and a boss at the bottom. Wind your way around the floors, making sure to explore every nook and cranny, ridding it of any creatures. When faced with a group of orcs, the best strategy is to take out the magic user immediately as this creature can reincarnate others, do damaging attacks at range, and generally make your life difficult. It may also take a strategy of running back through cleaned areas with hordes pursuing you. As they get separated, you can then pick off them a few at a time. When overwhelmed, don't feel bad about turning around and running. The cave is set up with a cavern in the middle and paths along the sides. As this (like many levels in CoN) is randomly generated, the path will vary with each game you play. Just make sure to check every pathway and clear out the enemies. The Orc Captain will be located on the third level of the dungeon. He will be on a small island surrounded by a large abyss. Kill the enemies on the perimeter of the abyss and then work your way to the Orc Captain. Fight him in bursts running away to heal when necessary. He is not fleet of foot and since the enemies on the ring have been taken care of, you should have free range of movement and can, at your leisure, traverse around the perimeter and pick away at the captain. When you kill the orc captain, you will receive a ring allowing you to return to the surface and go into Greater Faydark Forest. Return to the surface (at this point it might be a good idea to use a gate scroll and sell your surplus at the store).  
I.4) Greater Faydark Forest Use either the gate portal or the elevator to return to Lesser Faydark. You will get a message saying that the Wood Elf guards have moved on and that you should move into Greater Faydark and battle the "Orc's" (sic). It is never clear what is owned by the orcs that you should battle but this is beside the point of this particular walkthrough. Head to the point at which the Elves were previously blocking your path and continue into Greater Faydark. Greater faydark is pretty much like Lesser Faydark: more side paths and dungeons. These side paths are now infested with the occasional bear-like creature that you first encountered in the battle with the Orc Chieftain at the end of the Lesser Faydark level. Some of the "hidden tunnels" have multiple floors making them slightly longer than the ones encountered in Lesser Faydark. The strategy for battling the enemies you encounter here is essentially the same: When faced with a mass of enemies, first kill the wizards as they have the power to bring others back to life. This might be tricky if there is more than one wizard but it really is imperative to get them first. If you're overwhelmed, run away and pick off the ones following you one at a time. The enemies can run slightly faster than your character so they will be able to catch up; the run away strategy is not a guarantee that you'll be able to avoid large battles. As you follow the main path (the one with soldiers fighting orcs), you'll meet a stream. Follow it, killing the orcs that the soldiers seem incapable of killing as you go. You'll reach a portal outside a set of gates and will trigger a cutscene. The elves tell you: "glad you made it back. The orcs have sealed themselves inside the forest door. We need to get the gate open. Go to the orc caves down the river. Nobody has yet succeeded..." You learn that Elgoain has gone to try to open the gates himself but hasn't come back. Collect the loot from the chests near the portal. This might be a good time to head back to the store and sell your gear and upgrade if possible. Continue up the river past the gates again killing the orcs and searching the little nooks and crannies in the trees for treasure chests. You will come to the cave entrance. Enter Orc Cave
I.5) Orc Cave Orc Cave has a different texture from the dungeons you have been exploring. More organic and meandering, the cave is more a series of corridors than individual rooms. With a save point at the beginning, the cave quickly branches into several limbs. There is no clear path to take (there will only be three or so options) but make sure that you clear out each passageway if you are trying to gain experience or loot; the orcs are fun to fight and give are easy experience givers. At some point here you might be able to find a group of orcs that has a magician that solely does the regeneration spell (as opposed to that plus a combination of attack spells). In this case, you can just stand there killing the orcs he regenerates until you are bored or have the experience level you want. Chests in this area look like short, wide stalagmites. You will find Eloain lying near a portal and the the stairs to the lower level. He is injured and requires elfdraught to help you with your quest. He indicates that the elfdraught can be found on the level below. Go down the stairs and be treated to a cutscene with Firiona explaining a little bit about who you are and what you're doing.
I.6) Orc Cave 2 The second level of the Orc Cave is more linear. There is not much point in checking the little prongs behind where you come into the cave; there is never anything there. The enemies here are much tougher than the ones you have been used to. Perhaps they are not but I always seem to die immediately here. Treasure chests on this level look like small tents. Further into the cave, there is a save point near another set of stairs. Keep going past these stairs; you still need to find the elfdraught for Eloain. Clean out all of the areas in this level. At some point, an orc will drop the elfdraught. Return to the first level and Eloain. After you give him the elfdraught, he will indicate that though he is too hurt to continue, you should take his sword. If your progress in upgrading your weapons has been moderately good, this sword will likely be below the level of your weapons and is really only good to sell at the store. Now it's time to go down and open the gate. Head back down to level 2 and go down the next set of stairs that you passed before.
I.7) Orc Cave 3 This part of the cavern has a bunch of paths all over a big deep cavern below you. All are dead ends except for the correct one. However it's not easy to tell which one that is. Explore all of the areas. You will come to a portal indicating that you're near the boss. At this point, go back and clear any other areas you have not yet and save the game. Before you face the boss, it might not be a bad idea to return to the store and upgrade fully, making sure you're well stocked with potions. Boss: Warlord Cruzard This is a large orc preceded by several lesser ones. The area is a roughly circular expanse surrounding a middle pillar. At various locations on the circle, there will be larger areas for combat and a few chests. First kill the henchmen - by running away, you can avoid being overwhelmed. Stay away from the main Orc until you have killed all of his cronies. The boss is slow so by running from him, you can easily pick away at him while giving yourself enough time to heal. Once he is dead, go open the gates. The switch is located where the Warlord Cruzard and company entered - on the opposite side of where you entered the area. Make sure that you have collected all of the chests before you leave. Go back via portal to the gate entrance in Greater Faydark.
I.8) Ruins of Faydark The elves have all gone into the ruins when you arrive. Watch a cutscene showing catapults and soldiers. Throughout the level flaming projectiles will be raining down but will likely not be much of a threat. Near the entrance there is a catapult. Walk up to it and ignite the gunpowder on the cart next to it by pushing square when prompted. Make sure to get away from the cart quickly as the explosion can damage you. Follow the fighting through the area, killing all of the orcs. There is another catapult in this area. Destroy this one as well. There will be a save point after this. After the save point, you come to another set of walls through which you must traverse with catapult fire raining down constantly. Wind your way through these walls as quickly as possilbe (in order to minimize damage) and talk to the elf at the end. (Oetheilas) "Thank the gods for answering my prayers... for all the good that'll do us. You've arrived just in time for the barrage. The orcs seem to have dragged out every catapult in creation to hammer this position and we're cut off from the commander. I don't know if you've ever met Commander Turanin, but he doesn't like to be kept waiting. So it's up to you to find a way behind the enemy lines and destroy their catapults. It's the only way we can make it through." Your task is to destroy all of the catapults. Because you have destroyed the two catapults near the beginning of the level, you should already have 2/10 destroyed. There is a counter at the top of the screen that will tell you how many have been destroyed. First destroy the catapults to the right of the walls. There should be a save point and a few bears. At this point, you will have 5/10 catapults destroyed. Also, in this section may be a mini boss described later. Make your way to the other side (Left if facing Oetheilas) and take care of the catapults here. When you have 9/10 destroyed you will be facing a mini-boss Mantrek the Putrid [NOTE: the name will likely be different as the miniboss names are autogenerated]... Save the game at the save point. Mini Boss: Mantrek the Putrid [May be a different name] Defeat him using a similar block and heal/fight technique and be treated to a short cutscene showing Oetheilas running up the path that he had previously been blocking. Follow him. You will come to a cross-shaped area with a portal and stairs leading to a dungeon. Speak to Commander Turanin. He'll congratulate and thank you for your work with the catapults and ask you to retrieve a scroll that the Orcs and Goblins had stolen from Mayong Mistmoore - "one of the most dangerous vampires in the Faydark." The orc leader has the scroll. Your task is to track him down and bring the scroll back to Commander Turanin. Go down into the dungeon of Faydark Ruins next to the commander.
I.9) Forest Ruins Interior 1 The Forest Ruins are basically a huge spider pit. Spiders are either placed on the map before you get there or a spider nest can be triggered by walking past a railing. Once a spider nest has been triggered, several (4-5) spiders will come out and attack, one after another. They won't come en masse so all that needs to be done is to stand where they are coming over the railing and kill them as the appear on the deck. If you proceed cautiously and don't trigger more than one nest at a time, this is a pretty easy level. However, if you go through quickly, you will trigger multiple nests and have many spiders to deal with at any given time. Smashing pots will net you a few gold; the chests in this area are web-sealed lumps but should be fairly easy to see. After you psass the initial save point, you will be shown a short cutscene showing the spiders emerging from their nests. As soon as this is over, you will be beset with some spiders. Kill them before you move on. Carefully work your way through the cave making sure to clear out each section of railing and not trigger multiple spider nests. You'll come to a save point and portal. It's time to fight the Orc Leader. Boss: Orc Leader "So Leithkorias' (sic) hound has tracked me down. Such perseverance... and such stupidity to pursue ones own executioner... Is this scroll what you have come for? Even the great Mayong Mistmore cannot decipher it. The black scroll cannot help you. Any of you! But I am not without mercy. I will let you leave with your life. Stay and I will gut you like the dog you are!" At which point he charges you anyway. This guy is pretty devastating if you try to matching him blow for blow. He has a glowing scythe that is really powerful and can take a lot of life if he hits you. Try to keep your distance and dodge at the last possible second when he charges at you. He will be temporarily vulnerable so hit him as much as possible. As blocking does not deter his scythe, distance is crucial. Once he is defeated, he jumps off the platform and runs away shouting "This is not over. we will meet again!" Travel via the portal back to Faydark Ruins and Commander Turanin.
I.10) Destroy the Orc Shaman The commander thanks you for retrieving the manuscript and asks you to dispose of an Orc Shaman that is terrorizing his troops. Go into the unexplored, newly opened portion of the Faydark Ruins. After battling a few orcs, you will come to a wall and gate. Open the gate by activating the switch on the left. Head inside, cleaning out any orcs you see until you reach the Shaman. He is a fairly easy miniboss; just make sure to keep healing as needed as you whack away at him. He doesn't have any devastating attacks so there is no real need for caution in your approach to this battle. After he is dead, make sure the area is devoid of any other orcs, check for treasure, and return to Commander Turanin at near the portal. Before reporting to him, make sure to return to the store and sell everything you don't absolutely need; for the next stage of the game, carrying space will be at a premium. "In your absence, we were able to decipher the scroll you retrieved from the orc leader. It appears to be a map of some sort, showing tunnels below the Forest Ruins that hide an entrance into the Underworld. I suspect the answer to our problems lies there. I've sent men ahead to dig out the entrance to the tunnels indicated on the map. Be careful. And may you find friends in unexpected places."  
I.11) Forest Ruins Interior Level 2 Dive back into the Forest Ruins Interior and go back to the first save point here (the first one before the spiders). Note that the chests on this level have been refilled. Find the stairs that have been cut into the floor and talk to Oetheilas. "Ah, Commander Turanin's designated madman. I was beginning to think you'd had an attack of common sense, but that would have spoiled everything. Now this maze is tricky, so stay close. Since you've been appointed head of this mission, you can have the honor of taking the lead. Don't worry about getting lost. Just stay in front of me in case there's any traps ahead. After you." IMPORTANT: Remember that for the duration of this mission you will be unable to use gate scrolls or return to the surface. Make sure you are ready for the mission before you go down the stairs! Oetheilas will follow you down the stairs. From this point until the end of the level, it is not only your charge to kill all the spiders but also to keep him safe as he is fairly inept at defending himself. Make your way through the dungeon much in the same manner as you did on the upper level. Oetheilas will get in your way but just don't let him die. This shouldn't be a problem as he is fairly hearty. I have experimented with letting him hold his own against one spider. He doesn't do well. At the end of the level, he will open the gate to the underworld and you will see a save point. Save your game and proceed past the save point into a room with the head orc. He sics his mammoth spider (Shelox the Spider) on you and disappears down the tunnel. Boss: Shelox the Spider "Consider this payment for all you have done for Leithkorias and these elves" For a melee class warrior, the strategy is simple, keep moving laterally and avoiding her webs and especially her venom bursts. Keep jumping in to hack away at her but draw back if she is about to grab you with her pincers. Use your health potions liberally here. Also, it helps to outfit yourself with the maximum component of anti-poison chokers, earrings, and rings. After she is dead, collect the loot and go back up to the store via gate scroll. This will be your last chance to visit the store in the town in the trees for supplies before you descend into the underworld. There are stores there so this one isn't a big deal. Go back to the cave and follow go down the same tunnel out of which Shelox appeared and into which the head orc descended. Descend into the underworld... ---End of Act I--- 

Act II

  The Underworld "Certain that Leithkorias's champion had been slain, the orc leader descended into the underworld..." You are following him. II.1) Blackdelve Reach After going down the stairs, you meet with a small dwarf person that informs you that the major problem with the underworld and specifically (Blackdelve Reach) are the mammoth ants that are terrorizing them. Additionally, he informs you that there is a vampire called Lord vanarhost who is a new addition to the area. Go down into Blackdelve reach and open the treasure chest there. Follow the shoreline (kiling any ants) until you come to a dock. You will be teated to a short cutscene with one of the gnomes who testily outlines the situation in the underworld: "If you've come on behalf of Lord Vhanahorst, tell him that his ship will be finished when it's finished!" He says that there is some problem with the lava pump (Vanarhost's orc broke it) so you will need to fix it. However, you can't reach Kohl (his apprentice) until you have cleared out the mammoth ants. First check out the dock; it has several breakable crates and chests. Then go inland from the dock until you come to a save point. After you pass the save point (killing the mammothants along the way), you'll reach a portal and speak to Olak: "Do you see what the mammothants are doing to Blackdelve Reach? They're eating it! Chewing it up house by ohouse! I told Melman Froes that this was going to happen, but he didn't listen, oh no. But it's not the poor Mammothants fault. They're sensitve creatures. They don't like loud noises. But, of course, the elders said building lava riders would bring gold rolling into Blackdelve reach so there was no arguing with that! Typical! And short sighted." He has a lot of sympathy for the ants but wants you to find the queen and kill her. Take a left at the portal and find Stinmir's store.
II.2) Ant Colony Before you start this portion of the game, make sure to unburden yourself as much as possible because for the first section of the next level, you will not be able to use gate scrolls. If you get Go past Stinmir's store and follow the path along the hillside. The wooden crates are breakable and the chests look like... well... chests. There are several types of ants that infest this portion of the game: regular ants (that just bite you), fire ants (set you on fire when they bite you), and poison ants (that shoot poison at you and poison you when they bite you). The poison ants can't shoot their poison very far and it travels slow enough that dodging it shouldn't be a problem. Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to stock up on anti-poison or anti-fire defenses. Work your way along the hillside making sure to steer clear of the large ant traps and gather any treasure you can. Follow the steps down to the beach and work back along the beach killing ants and collecting treasure. If you reach your maximum carrying capacity, you will have to walk all the way back to the store. Eventually, you will come to the hole that leads down into the ant colony. Note that there is no way to come back up this hole so make sure that you have at least one gate scroll. Descend into the ant colony. The ant colony is an extremely linear level; the tunnel has essentially no branches and only small islands around which there are two paths. Unlike the spider nests, there are clear caves out of which the ants appear; each cave has 4 or so ants. If you avoid triggering more than one cave at a time, it is simple to kill all of the ants in a systematic extermination. Take care to not stand too close to the door to the cave while you are killing them because it is possible for the treasure or booty dropped could fall at a spot where you will be unable to reach it. The cave is a large counter-clockwise spiral. Traverse around it, cleaning all of the ants out as you go, until you reach a portal and a large room with a large ant, multiple caves, and a hole descending into the next level of the ant colony. The lower level is much like the upper level but is just more poorly lit and is not a spiral. There are several branches here but they are not very long and usually only contain one ant hole. Go along killing ants as before until you reach the save point before the Ant Queen's chamber. Before you enter, make sure you are very well stocked on potions. Further, Boss: Ant Queen As you enter her chamber, there will be a cutscene showing her laying an egg. When you regain control of your character there will be two large ants blocking the exit and chaos in front of you. This is a very difficult boss battle because there is more than just the main boss to deal with. Try to keep the area around you clear of ants before worrying about any more than dodging the queen. Try to not stand right in front of her as her stinger is quite damaging. Don't be afraid to use healing potions as fast as you can push the button. If you stay near the entrance (even killing the large ants at the entrance), you can eventually have a clear area in which to battle the queen individually. For her, a good strategy is to stand in front of her until she stops and is about to strike. Then quickly move around to the side and hit her once or twice. Don't get greedy here as she'll pivot and hit you with her tail doing a lot of damage. Once you beat her, the egg sac will deflate to form a path out of the chamber. If you didn't move around the chamber, there will still be a number of ant holes that you should clear before you leave. Note, it's often best to gate from here as you can't go back down the exit. If you have extra treasure that you're unable to carry, gate back to the store rather than take the exit. As you emerge from the hole, you will be just across from the store. Talk to the gnome near the exit and be awarded 2,500 gold. As the ant traps have been removed, you can also now go up around the back of the store and get at the chests there. Additional chests are now open on the way to the ant hole on the upper ledge. Go back past the portal, crossing a wooden bridge to Froes Manor. Talk to Melman Froes. He'll tell you that his daughter Tenya is missing past the Blackdelve Lava field in the Caverns of the Fallen. The Caverns aren't too far away, however; they lie just on the other side of Blackfire Gap. While some of the gnomes are concerned with how dangerous the Gap is, it's actually monitored by Xorin Shadowson. While unpredictable, he won't bother you. He cautions you to watch out for Shadowson's pets as they're quite dangerous. Again he pleads for you to find her and bring her back unharmed. Take a right (the only way possible) and go towards the Blackdelve Lava Fields. Before you cross the bridge, there are several chests to your left. After you cross the bridge, there is another chest to the left. Enter the Blackdelve Lava Fields (press square near the ladder).
II.3) The Blackdelve Lava Fields As you enter, you will notice that the path to the left (Near a hut guarded by some weird rocks) has been sealed. This will open later but for now, your quest lies further in on this level. The level consists of islands in the lava populated by bugs and in the lava, large monsters that hurl things at you until you annoy them a sufficient amount that they pursue you onto land. Do not fall into the lava. You will die. Follow the path (loosely defined by the places you can't go), killing the bugs and large monsters until you reach Kohl, the apprentice of the gnome you met when you first reached Blackdelve Reach. He supposes you're the reason for the problems that are occurring. He says that you must have angered the big orc and caused him to break the lava pump. However, the way to the pump is blocked and the bridge that used to be there is gone. He says he can't even cross the lava field because the gnomes of the deep won't let him borrow a lava runner. He says that you should try to persuade them to loan you one. All you would then have to do would be to insert the exchanger and it would be all back to normal. He notices that he has lost the exchanger and tells you that the orc probably took it and hid it. Now you have to find it, borrow a lava runner and fix the pump. Pass Kohl and move into the level proper. Important note for this area: Do NOT go/fall into the lava. Unlike most areas, you can actually walk across boundaries here. Touching the lava is instant death. This is particularly difficult when trying to kill the large lava monsters as they will throw you backwards when they hit you. Avoid being swarmed by bugs because they are awfully difficult to take care of in large numbers.
II.4) Lava Fields: Lower Level - Finding the Exchanger Move toward the down arrow on your map (indicating an entrance to a lower level). This is one level in which I personally don't take the time to clear every area; the enemies aren't worth the experience or the measly amount of treasure they drop. The large lava monsters aren't mobile and won't really affect you. Kill them by either shooting them with your ranged weapon/spell until they get angry and charge you. Then either stand there and kill them or pick away at them while running away until they eventually die. The bugs are annoying but can be taken care of with just a few hits. Just make sure you take care of them fast enough so that you aren't overwhelmed. As you follow the path around, you will reach the entrance to the lower level of Blackdelve Lava Fields. This is where you will find the exchanger. Go down the stairs and be prepared for more of the same. Follow the path across the lava field. You can either ignore and try to minimize the damage from the large lava monsters or you can just pick them off one by one. At one point, you will reach a part where there are pistons blocking your path. Just time these right and you will have no problem. Even if you can't do it very well, with full health, you should be able to make it across this obstacle without losing too much health. The exchanger will be lying on the ground. Pick it up by pressing square. Retrieve the exchanger and make your way back to the ladder to the upper lava fields.
II.5) Lava Fields: Upper Level - Finding a Lava Rider and Repairing the Pump Follow the peninsula along killing the bugs and lava monsters when you reach them. Don't worry about killing every single enemy in this area. Follow the land along until you reach a save point. Go past the save point onto the island past this and have a short dialogue with the gnome mechanic. There is no convincing needed to have him let you borrow one of their precious lava riders. Get in the lava rider and find the lava pump. X accelerates, Square brakes. Drive along the perimeter of the area counterclockwise. Eventually you will find the island on which the lava pump sits. Get out of your lava rider, ignoring the bugs and lava monsters and repair the pump using the exchanger. To do this, just walk up to the pump on the little path and press X when prompted. Go back into the lava rider, killing the bugs if necessary. Return to the entrance of the level in the lava rider (there is no need to return the lava rider to the gnome mechanic).
II.6) Caverns of the Fallen: Upper Level - Rescuing Tenya Froes As you re-enter the entrance place, you will see a cutscene with three lava monsters. They are called off by the guardian of the lava fields. He mentions that his pets are just antsy ever since they encountered the huge orc. Apparently they attacked it but had no effect whatsoever. He expresses doubts as to whether it was really an orc after all. He has reopened the passage to the caverns of the fallen. Descend into the caverns. As you go down the tunnel, you meet Tenya Froes - the little girl whose father asked you to rescue her. She is looking for her kitties. She doesn't seem to be worried about her predicament and agrees to consider a return to the surface only on the condition that you find her kittens for her. Move past her and come to an area with a save point and several possible paths. There is a passage downward here but it is not yet accessible. The area has five branches. Follow each one until you find her kitten. Each is inhabited by strange squirmy creatures that are quite creepy. Be careful if you think you have killed one. Often they are just faking it and require another hit after they get up to try to hurt you again. Once you find a kitty, it will follow you without fail. Just work your way back to the center and Tenya. IMPORTANT: If you see a prompt to talk to her using square, DO NOT TALK TO HER. Talking to her before triggering a cutscene has caused my game to glitch so that I have returned her cat yet she doesn't think I have. Quite annoying. So make sure to let her talk to you when returning a kitty. There are five cats to return. Once you find them, she agrees to go back up to the surface. Make sure to talk to her father when you resurface here.
II.7) Caverns of the Fallen: Lower Level - To Vanarhost Castle The stairway into the ribcage is now open. Descend into the lower level - what I think is one of the most fun levels in the entire game. There is a portal here. You will see a cutscene with an unknown woman. Follow the path along, killing the various enemies. This area consists of groups of enemies fighting each other in a Dantesque image of the inferno. Wade into each of these mini-skirmishes and kill all on either side. As soon as you appear, they will both turn on you anyway. Often these battles are localized near catapults but this entire area should be swept clean as these battles are great fonts of experience. If you gate scroll back to the shop, you will see a short cutscene showing the gnome saying that the ship is ready to sail. Proceed along, killing all of the groups of enemies until you come to a save point. Boss: Undead Knight Past the save point you will enter a room with a ton of undead enemies all chanting and clanging their weapons. They surround you and follow you. If you can stay out in front of the pack you can pick away at them. Just have patience. If you stand and fight, you will almost certainly either die or use up enough of your health potions that the next part will be quite difficult. Once you defeat the undead army, confront the undead knight. He has a doppelganger fiery shadow knight who appears next to you should the real knight get too far away. He is very fast and quite deadly. I find it hard to not die here. Once you beat the undead knight, the drawbridge to the castle lowers and you can enter. Enter the castle of Lord Vanarhost
II.8) Vanarhost Castle There is a save point at the entrance. The castle is randomly generated so a schematic walkthrough would be useless here. The basic idea is to go through all of the rooms killing every enemy you find (we have a theme developing here). As you enter the castle there are more of the wriggly strange creatures from the first level of the caverns of the fallen where Tenya Froes was caught looking for her kitties. Later, there are archers and other undead similar to those found on the second level of the Caverns of the Fallen. Go through all the rooms and break all of the large pitchers. This is largely fruitless but is satisfying and you'll gain some gold. You will reach a room with Sylea, a vampiress... She is very interested in your heartbeat and is hungry for it. She reveals that she knows that you are after the Orc Leader Pelys and offers to help you for a price. Her price is not blood. She has no wish to sink her fangs into any mortal like a parasite. She wants to fight her urges lest she become like all the rest of the beasts. She needs a bloodvine... Bring her bloodvine and in return she will lead you to Pelys.
II.9) Vanarhost Castle - Finding Bloodvine Go left from the place you entered the room. Up the small flight of stairs is a jail. Head through the jail and follow the pathway until you reach the outside. This path is inhabited by more of the squirmy creatures from the early part of the castle. If you need to use a gate scroll, you will need to be inside. The outside part is in the same level as the store and will transport you accidentally to wherever you last used a gate scroll. Back in Blackdelve Reach, follow the pathway along until you reach the shore. More squirmy things here. Though there are two paths here, ignore the leftmost and go down to the shore as soon as possible. If you happen to make the wrong decision and end up on the other dock you will realize it and just turn around and try to find the stairway down to the beach. Once on the beach, go onto the leftmost dock (the right one is short with a few crates) and follow it around two right turns to a small island containing the bloodvine. Pick it up and go back to Sylea. As you return through the jail you will trigger a short cutscene featuring a prisoner Babik Nurn. He says that while it could be worse (he could be dead), he thinks that Vanarhost wants him to guide him into the Pitt of Ill Omen. He says that if you free him, he will lead you anywhere. Even into the pit itself. However, the key isn't with him so you must go find it. Go back and talk to Sylea. She is happy you have brought the bloodvine and eats it sensually in front of you. She says she is in your debt and will lead you to Pelys who is meeting with Lord Vanarhost... She leads you to a window where you can observe the meeting in silence. Pelys has brought some potential victims to Vanarhost in exchange for undead soldiers for his master with which he is planning to wage war. It becomes clear that Vanarhost also suspects Saylea of betraying him.
II.10) Vanarhost Castle - To Lord Vanarhost Once the cutscene is complete, you are left next to a save point and an unexplored corridor. The corridor follows the water line and contains more wrigglers. Go along this next to the water, of course killing any enemies, until you reach a door going up to the castle. Miniboss: Feasting Fume [May be a different name] As you enter the room, there will be more undead archers and a scythe wielding death-looking enemy. Kill the outlying undead and don't worry about facing him quite yet. Once you have a clear space in which to face him, ignore his entourage and just work on killing him. After he is dead, clean out the rest of the undead in the room and move on. Miniboss: Haantash the Mist [May be a different name] Defeat this boss in the same manner as for Feasting Fume. Keep following the corridor. Miniboss: The Nameless [May be a different name] More of the same... Follow the corridors until you reach a save point.
II.11) Vanarhost Castle - Nosferatu and the Lower Level In the room ahead is Lord Vanarhost. He glides towards you and chides you for being too slow and mentions that he has known of your presence in his castle for quite some time. He had allowed you to live but says you reek of the overworld and isn't interested in feasting on you... Instead you will be a good meal for his nosferatu. The floor drops out from under you and you are left to contend with a horde of swarming nosferatu. Your task is to kill them and find a way out. This first task is a matter of just staying alive and killing as many as possible. Surviving the initial onslaught is the hardest thing. Make liberal use of your health and mana potions here until you can handle the remaining vampires. Once you have killed the initial charge, the rest of the level involves more of the same following the path and killing the enemies. This path is darker and the treasure chests are coffins. THe vampires agile, hard to hit as they jump out of your way as you try to hit them. Finally you will reach the passageway up to the castle.
II.12) Vanarhost Castle Level 2 You will emerge in the same room in which you first met Vanarhost. There is now a big hole in the floor... There will be an unexplored path to the right. After breaking all of the pots in the room, follow it. You will face undead and nosferatu... Now you will face a series of minibosses similar to those you faced earlier. The strategy for each is the same as before; the list follows. Between, there are nosferatu and undead to deal with. Go through the corridors clearing all of them out. There will be several walls (easily seen by the "What is this" dialogue and the fact that they show up in the map) mini boss: Shadow Delve [May be a different name] mini boss: The Nameless [May be a different name] mini boss: Skarn the Dread [May be a different name] mini boss: Shadow Delve [May be a different name] Hidden Miniboss: Dwelling Shade [May be a different name] After the hidden miniboss, you will find yourself in the room in which you first met Sylea. There is a save point here. Save and stock up on potions. Lord Vanarhost is next. As soon as you set foot into the room you will be attacked by a host of archers. After you kill them, re-save in the event that you are killed by Vanarhost. Boss: Lord Vanarhost Go into the only open door and confront Vanarhost He notes that you killed his nosferatu but isn't very concerned about it. He also says that you the first in over a century to stand defiant before the lord of vampires. The battle then commences. A good strategy is to deal out as much damage as possible until he hits you with his sword. Once he does this, you will be knocked down and he will continue to hit you. Keep using potions and trying to get up and get away. Once you can get away from him, you can keep him away from you by hiding in the sets of columns that occupy the corners of the room. His AI isn't great and he can't really get in there that easily. You should be able to stay in there until your health and mana are replenished. He is also able to teleport to elsewhere in the room. Once he disappears, try to keep moving as he might come down on you and slice you. If he starts hitting you multiple times, it is difficult to heal fast enough and get away. Once you deplete his life, he crows over you and says that he cannot die.... until.. Sylea sticks a knife into his back. She says "Betrayed. A life for a life, overworlder. Our blood debts are even." She gives you the key but warns you that Vanarhost only slumbers and tells you to leave blackdelve reach... Take the key and leave, saving at the save point in the adjacent room.
II.13) Escape from Blackdelve Reach - Freeing Babik Nurn Go left from the save point back through the door (into an area shown only by an arrow on the map - don't go into the way you just came!) into the Castle Prison area. In the Castle Prison head straight through the room where you first met Sylea; ignore the corridors on either side as you've been there before. Go through and rescue Babik Nurn from his cell. Do this by going to the center platform and pressing a button when prompted. Now Babik Nurn is free from his cell and is under your charge. You need to keep the monsters away from him until you reach the outside and the boat. As soon as you unlock the cells, wrigglers will come out of the other cells. For the rest of the walk back to the exit, you'll be faced with wrigglers as well. IMPORTANT: If you need to gate back to the store do so FAR before you reach the exit to the outside. Once near the gate, Babik Nurn will go to the door and your gate scrolls will not work. Once outside, your gate scroll will bring you back to wherever inside Vanarhost's (assuming) castle that you last used the gate scroll. This can be a time-consuming and annoying thing. Once you get outside, you will not be able to re-enter the castle either. Make sure you have stocked up and retrieved any things that you have left near the shop before you leave that door. Also, you will not have any chance to visit a store for a while so stock up on potions and other things here. Once through the door, you're on to the next level. Once through the door, lead Babik Nurn down the stairs and back up the stairs to the left. Follow the cliff until you reach the dock. Talk to Bingham Viggs. He is glad that you killed the mammothants and says that there is hope for you yet. He apologizes to you for saying some mean things to/about you and wants to make it up to you. He knows you're looking for a boat to get you to the Pit of Ill Omen. However, the only thing around there is the boat he has been building for Lord Vanarhost. He is scared of Vanarhost though. If he were protected, he might sell it to you. He hears that Melman Froes that keeps him and his daughter safe from vampires. You need to find the ruby and bring it back to him. This easily enough done. Head back down the dock and up the stairs. Talk to Melman Froes and he will give you the ruby and tell you how to find the Orc Captain in the Pit of Ill Omen. Bring it back to Bingham Viggs and get ready for the next section of the game! Once you buy the ship, Babik Nurn boards and you sail away. As Bingham Viggs is seeing you off he mentions that it's the best ship he ever built; as long as you don't hit any storms you should be fine. ---End of Act II--- 


 The Pit of Ill Omen A great wound on the face of Norrath, The Pit of Ill Omen was a mighty sea imprisoned on all sides by towering cliffs. It was a hidden world containing grasslands, islands, ice fields and a desert, bound together by mysterious gates. A ship sailed into the pit and met a huge storm. The ship was destroyed... but there were survivors...
III.1) Water's Edge - Meeting with Davel Grom You come on shore talking to Davel Grom on the Island of Knives. He says you're the only survivor that he has seen. He guesses you're after that big orc. He mentioned that that orc is in league with the slavers in order to take the slaves up to Blackdelve to serve as human undead. He apparently hid here to get away from them. He says that the orc must have thought you dead as your ship was destroyed and wants to help you. The orc was heading south towards the caves on the other side of the island. There is one of the portals that he uses to get around the pit there and Davel Grom thinks it shouldn't be guarded. The portals are all over the pit and connect the islands and other places. The theory is that they're some sort of planar rope knot that is supposed to lead to some treasure - maybe even the Horn of Ill Omen.. The Horn of Ill Omen is the reason the town of Water's Edge was founded. People have been looking for it for a long time. He claims to know how to use the horn if it's ever found... He offers to help you learn how to use it if you ever find it. He says the horn is supposed to have some kind of power over the planar barriers and he might be able to use it to help you get where you want to go - even home if you want. He says that some of the villagers might have some clues about where to find it - especially crazy old Lazlo. However, Lazlo was captured when the orc and his slavers hit Water's Edge. He suggests you look for him using the portals. Go around the island until you see two rocks sticking up out of the water. Go through them (in the water) and follow the shallow water bridge to the main area of Water's Edge. There is a save point and a portal here. As there is no way to sell your goods or purchase potions, drop anything unnecessary in a pile near the portal or save point. You can come back and get this stuff later.
III.2) Rescuing Rondo From the save point go past the portal into the path in the middle of the island until you reach a cave entrance. Go into the cave entrance and enter the Island Caves. In the caves for this part of the game there are two types of creatures: Froglike creatures with tridents and smugglers - who are normal enemy types including magicians and fighters. This cave has only frog men until you reach a certain point. You will first be confronted by 4-5 of the frog men. They swim through the water and then pop up to confront you. They're not devastating but are stronger than most foes faced up to this point. Follow the cave until you come to a point at which your progress will be automatically saved. Move into the chamber and see talk to a captive Rondo, triggering a cutscene. His is bound and is trying to tell you something. He works his gag free in time to tell you that it's a trap! You need to save Rondo from the Dark Elf! Kill all of the ambushers and talk to Rondo again. He has been conscripted to help the slavers and wants you to save his A great wound on the face of Norrath, The Pit of Ill Omen was a mighty seaimprisoned on all sides by towering cliffs. It was a hidden world containing grasslands, islands, ice fields and a desert, bound together by mysterious gates. A ship sailed into the pit and met a huge storm. The ship was destroyed... but there were survivors... III.1) Water's Edge - Meeting with Davel Grom You come on shore talking to Davel Grom on the Island of Knives. He says you're the only survivor that he has seen. He guesses you're after that big orc. He mentioned that that orc is in league with the slavers in order to take the slaves up to Blackdelve to serve as human undead. He apparently hid here to get away from them. He says that the orc must have thought you dead as your ship was destroyed and wants to help you. The orc was heading south towards the caves on the other side of the island. There is one of the portals that he uses to get around the pit there and Davel Grom thinks it shouldn't be guarded. The portals are all over the pit and connect the islands and other places. The theory is that they're some sort of planar rope knot that is supposed to lead to some treasure - maybe even the Horn of Ill Omen.. The Horn of Ill Omen is the reason the town of Water's Edge was founded. People have been looking for it for a long time. He claims to know how to use the horn if it's ever found... He offers to help you learn how to use it if you ever find it. He says the horn is supposed to have some kind of power over the planar barriers and he might be able to use it to help you get where you want to go - even home if you want. He says that some of the villagers might have some clues about where to find it - especially crazy old Lazlo. However, Lazlo was captured when the orc and his slavers hit Water's Edge. He suggests you look for him using the portals. Go around the island until you see two rocks sticking up out of the water. Go through them (in the water) and follow the shallow water bridge to the main area of Water's Edge. There is a save point and a portal here. As there is no way to sell your goods or purchase potions, drop anything unnecessary in a pile near the portal or save point. You can come back and get this stuff later. III.2) Rescuing Rondo From the save point go past the portal into the path in the middle of the island until you reach a cave entrance. Go into the cave entrance and enter the Island Caves. In the caves for this part of the game there are two types of creatures: Froglike creatures with tridents and smugglers - who are normal enemy types including magicians and fighters. This cave has only frog men until you reach a certain point. You will first be confronted by 4-5 of the frog men. They swim through the water and then pop up to confront you. They're not devastating but are stronger than most foes faced up to this point. Follow the cave until you come to a point at which your progress will be automatically saved. Move into the chamber and see talk to a captive Rondo, triggering a cutscene. His is bound and is trying to tell you something. He works his gag free in time to tell you that it's a trap! You need to save Rondo from the Dark Elf! Kill all of the ambushers and talk to Rondo again. He has been conscripted to help the slaversand he wants you to save his brother Lazlo. He shows you a portal to the western island. He says to meet him back at Water's Edge at his store that he is going to restock from the goods he found in the slavers cave. Go to the damaged portal (it will only send you in one direction) and transport to the Western Island. You only need to walk near it to be automatically transported.
III.3) Western Island You'll first be beset by some frog men. Kill them and move along the path defined by the foliage. There will be a few more frog men but after that you will emerge at the ocean's edge. There is a small spit of land bounded by several rock pillars and a few frog men. If you go towards it, you will be told that you cannot breathe underwater. go back toward land and follow the path to the left (if you're facing away from the water) along the shore. It's narrow and easy to miss but is up above the beach and bounded by rock on the left and foliage on the right. Follow this path along the beach until you reach another spit of land. You'll trigger an automatic cutscene with a mermaid Kerriel. She chats with you about the rigors of being a mermaid and how boring it is. She mentions that she came up here looking for a conch shell. If you can find one for her, she'll reward you. Turn around 180 degrees from her and head to the portal. There will be several frog men attacking you at this point so you can either kill them or it is easy to just transport to the other island. Go back toward the save point and talk to Rondo Blackwright. He has set up his store and is back in business. You can sell or buy items for him for the next phase of the game. Now you can sell the items you have acquired and also the items you left in a pile near the portal. Take the portal back to hidden shore. Follow the path away from the shore killing the frog men as you go. Once you see the path ending on the map (a cave entrance indicator), turn around and go in the other direction, use a gate scroll to get back to the store and save. The miniboss coming up is one of the hardest in the game (or at least was for me) and there is a good chance you'll die fighting him. You don't want to have to kill all of those frog men every time. It's already tedious enough that you have to traverse the entire path. Miniboss: Seagorn [May be a different name] This guy is really hard. He is really strong, can absorb a lot of damage and has a devastating club attack. Fortunately he's really slow. Your best bet is to use his large size and lack of access to small places against him. this can be done by finding a rock island and forcing him to chase you into spots where he can't and will get stuck. Then you can hit him while he is vulnerable and his AI is confused about the best route to take to get to you. It goes without saying but do NOT get hit by him. His club takes away 3/4 of your life and knocks you senseless for a few seconds. Two hits will always kill you. You can tempt him into the open and wait for him to telegraph that he is about to swing his club. As soon as he does this, move laterally toward his non-club side (his left, your right) and swing around his side. He will miss you and you will have the opportunity for a hit or two. Don't get greedy as he'll pivot and hit you. Try to play him to his left side and keep away from the club. Also, if you get low on life, go back into the little rock islands and keep him busy chasing you while your health potion refills you. It really helps to have your weapon equipped with some enhancements that will stun him after you hit him. Specifically poison is a good one. Make sure to keep one such enhancement ready for the final boss (not for a long while) because it really helps in that battle. Once Seagorn is dead, go into the cave. Work through the caves fighting the frogmen and exit to the Western Island.
III.4) Western Island: Killing the slavers and rescuing Babik Nurn Outside, you'll find Babik Nurn in a cage. He doesn't want you to get close to him. He thinks you're to blame for his recent suffering. Though you offer to get him out, he declines. He has no reason to leave as the island is crawling with slavers. You ask if he's seen a man named Lazlo and he mentions that this cage used to belong to some crazy human that ran around in chains. The slavers were really interested in asking him questions but got weird answers for their trouble. He thinks they got tired of his his bizarre answers and sent him through a portal... but doesn't know which one. He supposes that the human is still alive. He says you're not getting him out of there because he can still smell slavers on this island and won't budge until they're gone. Your new task is to rid the island of all 58 slavers. Going past Babik Nurn, three or four slavers will meet you immediately. Kill them and collect the loot from the chests (small tent-like things) in this area. Proceed on to a portal. Past the portal there will be 4 or so slavers. (NOTE ON MAGIC/STRONGER/NORMAL SLAVERS HERE) Kill them and continue on to the seashore. There will be chests scattered along the coast here in the form of large shells. At the shore, turn right and go along the shore looking for them. You'll reach a dead end with some shell chests here. Be careful opening them as one of them is usually booby-trapped. Once those chests have been opened, go back along the seashore in the opposite direction (left from where you originally came to the seashore). Follow the shoreline and try to explore all of the areas. Don't leave any gray (unexplored) area between shore and inland island vegetation. At this point, there should be 50 slavers remaining. As you round the corner of the island, more slavers (5) will meet you outside the entrance to a cave. Go inside the cave and deal with the frog people and slavers inside. After you clear out the slavers in the cave, you should have 36 slavers remaining. If you reenter this cave, you will get a dialogue telling you that the cave is clean and that you need to check the island for more slavers. After exiting the cave, there will be a larger space. Explore it thoroughly as there will be multiple sets of slavers and chests here. Make sure that you've explored this area fully as it's easy to miss a chest or a slaver. Round the next corner of the island with 25 slavers remaining. At this point, head left inland into the island and follow the path. There will be slavers here and eventually the entrance to another cave. By the time you get to the cave, you should receive a dialogue message that the island is clean and that the slavers are in the caves. At this point, there are 12 slavers remaining. If you don't get this dialogue, go past the cave entrance and look for slavers. Until you get this dialogue, I would not go into the cave. However, it doesn't really matter as you'll need to find all of the slavers eventually. Enter the Island Caves and kill the waiting slavers. Proceed further into the cave and clean it of all slavers. Once all the slavers on the island are dead, go back to Babik Nurn and talk to him. He is at the beginning of this level so just follow the seashore back in the opposite direction and when it ends, turn inland to find his cage. To skip the long walk back, you can gate back to the shop and then use the portal to go back to the one near Babik Nurn. He says that he's going to go rest at the island you washed up on. He's ready for a nice vacation. He has found a cell key in the cage that may be important if you wind up meeting Lazlo. He also says to meet him back on the island when you get back. Go back to Water's Edge. You'll be treated to a cutscene of Babik heading across a dock onto a small adjoining island with a few shell chests. Once you have finished your business with the shop and whatnot, meet him there. This dock is on the left side of the island if you're facing in the same direction as you came onto it (If the line from the save point to portal points "up"). Go out onto the island and clean out the shell-chests. Talk to Babik Nurn and he will give you a beautiful conch shell.
III.5) Underwater Caves Return to Hidden Shore via portal and talk to Kerriel (the mermaid). She'll ask you if you will give her the conch shell. Give it to her (no other option) and she'll reward you with a sea blessing. It'll allow you to breathe water like as air as long as you're in the pit. Go back along the narrow seaside path to the right (facing away from the water) and go into the area into the underwater cave, an area into which you previously were unable to enter. Go through the caves fighting undead until you reach a room with a damaged portal. Do not approach it yet as it will automatically transport you once you're close. If you wan to maximize experience and gold, clearing out the rest of the cave should be done before you proceed. This cave is randomly generated with many long offshoots and arms. Explore all of these as there is often some good treasure to be had. Finally go back to the damaged portal and be transported automatically.
III.6) Ashen Plain This takes you to a desert wasteland. This area is a huge very roughly circular open space filled with scorpions and bandit groups. In the middle is a structure that you are unable to enter yet. If the area were a clock and you entered at 6 o' clock, there is a portal at 5 and a the entrance to the temple at 3. As in all areas of this game, it's best to kill as many enemies as possible in order to increase your experience level. This means clearing out the desert wasteland. The following is a good strategy to clear out the desert but is unnecessary for game progression. To progress in the fastest way possible, simply turn right, go past the save point to the damaged portal. However, the experience and treasure you can gain from fighting the creatures here is worth the extra time. Work around the wall in a clockwise manner (turn left from where you enter the area). As you go, keep an eye on your map. The area unexplored is dark and the explored area is white. Try to paint white as efficiently as possible and leave no area dark. Once you get to the damaged portal, keep going in the clockwise direction, passing the save point until you reach the place where you entered the area. Then move inwards and fill in the middle with white. In the very middle is a closed temple. Once you have killed all of the enemies in the central area, move to the damaged portal and follow the path to the entrance to the Mormaz's Temple.
III.7) Mormaz's Temple Inside the temple are more swordsmen and wizards. Kill the wizards first and as fast as possible. They have the annoying habit of reincarnating each other. Just keep killing them as fast as you can, not giving them the chance to reincarnate each other or teleport to a safe distance. There are going to be some difficult fights here so after clearing out an area, it is not a bad idea to use a gate scroll to mark your progress. The area is a long main chamber that has semi-symmetric wings on either side. While it's not necessary to clear out each wing, you will miss out on experience and treasure. Plus fighting these guys is fun and challenging. For this area, anti-magic, anti-disease and anti-poison are good attributes to have on your armor or jewelry. After battling the scorpions in the Ashen Plain, you should have several poison sacs to put on your armor. Remember to save one for the final battle. At the end of the temple, you will find King Mormaz, a mummy. He speaks of the love he has for his land and people. However, Innoruuk has placed a curse on his land and made it barren and evil. To break the curse you must extinguish the braziers of hate in the Sealed Temple. He reaches into his chest and pulls out his desiccated heart and gives it to you to help you extinguish them. Return to the Ashen Plain (back through the temple) and approach the damaged portal. It will transport you to the Grass Sea.
III.8) Grass Sea Firiona Vie appears before you and asks you to trust her. She has been imprisoned by the forces that you oppose. She urges you to stay the path and she will help you when she can. The Grass Sea is a giant open area filled with bugs and huge club-weilding ogre-type creatures. These can do a lot of damage. They're not as hard as Seagorn but the same strategy applies. Though there is nowhere for you to lure them into to heal, you can still bait them into swinging at you. Just before they do, dodge to their unarmed side and hack away. Another option is to pick away at them using ranged attacks. Like before, I suggest exploring the entire area. However, if speedy completion is your goal, you need to find a long narrow mesa on which is sitting a broken portal. There will be one or two stairways up onto them but as the area is randomly generated, exploration will be key here. The stairs can be easy to miss as they look pretty similar to the rest of the cliff face. However, they will be indicated by a break in the outline of the hill on your map. Go to the broken portal which will transport you to the interior of the sealed temple.
III.9) Sealed Temple: Extinguishing the braziers of hate You will be transported into a room with a portal. There will be a short cutscene showing enemies coming into the room. The enemies here are the same type as were in Mormaz's temple but seem to be much stronger. This is, in my opinion, one of the hardest parts of the game. You won't be given any time to explore at first as you'll have to face a roomful of enemies right away. After you kill them, notice the flaming thing in a prominent place. This is a brazier of hate. Go near it and press square to extinguish it. There are now 19 braziers remaining. Unlike the previous temple, you must explore every room that there is as the braziers are scattered all over the castle. Go from room to room killing all of the enemies, using the same strategy as employed in Mormaz's temple. During your exploration of the temple, you might find a room that you cannot enter. However, often you can pick off the people inside using ranged attacks over the balconies on either side. Once the final brazier has been extinguished, you will see a short cutscene showing the door opening and stating that the temple seal has been unlocked. Go back to that room. Exit back to the Ashen Plain. Go back to talk to King Mormaz but steer clear of the broken portal. Go back through the now empty temple and speak to the king. Before you get to him, it's a good idea to gate back so that should you die in the upcoming battle, you won't have to re-traverse the entire temple. Mormaz says that the door behind him leads to a portal that will lead you to the horn you seek. However, the door will not open until he is dead and gone from this place. Now that he has lived to see Innoruuk's curse ended, he can allow himself to die. However, he promised himself long ago that he would not be executed like a weakened king. He will have a strong and noble death only killed in battle by someone stronger than himself. He bestows the honor of being his royal executioner; you must kill him in battle to continue your journey. Boss: King Mormaz He has several attacks. One involves twirling his staff but not attacking you directly. He reincarnates the wizards and warriors lying around the area. Additionally, he sends out a poison stream that snakes at you and follows you. He teleports away from you if you hit him too many times. Keep killing the enemies he revives and eventually kill him. Have patience but don't hesitate to get in there and hack away at him; he doesn't have any devastating attacks with which he can really hurt you. Once he is dead, go through the damaged portal that has been activated in the room past Mormaz.
III.10) Tower of Clouds You will appear in the Tower of Clouds, a series of walkways high in the sky. Follow the walkway along until you reach a save point. Turn right from the save point. You will encounter some enemies bearing swords, bows and throwing stars. Kill them and be wary as you move into the next area. There is a large titan-like creature here similar to the large creatures of the Grass Sea. These creatures are the cloud giants. These creatures are stronger and faster than the ones in the grass sea, however. Besides the normal clubbing attack, they have a ground pound which will take a quarter to a third of your health even if you're fairly far away from them. They also have a couple of icy ranged attacks. A good strategy for them is to wear them down using ranged attacks and retreating. Then either continue this strategy to kill them or rush in and finish them off with melee attacks. It will be key for this area to clear out the other archers and swordsmen in order to give you a clear line of retreat. The Tower of Clouds has a grid-like layout. Going left from the save point (from where you started), move around the grid generally from right to left, killing all the smaller swordsmen and archers and the cloud giants. Along the path, there will be a portal. There will also be a large open area. One exit out of here is the way to the boss battle. The other exit is another large monster in a small open space. If you haven't explored the rest of the area, it's a good idea to turn around here and explore. The treasure chests in the Tower of Clouds look like tall square stone bins with a round lid. Go through two stone gargoyles facing one another into another, much larger area containing another cloud giant and a ton of archers and swordsmen. With so many archers aiming for you, it's best to lure them individually back into the tunnel - including the cloud giant - and dealing with them one by one. Then move back into the area and try to deal with the archers that aren't chasing you. At the far end of this area - opposite the small hole in the middle - is a save point. There are two enemies in the passageway just beyond the save point, so it's a good idea to kill them and return to the checkpoint so that in case of your death in fighting the boss you won't have to fight them again. Walk through the the large area with four arms that opens up past these enemies and into the opposite arm to trigger the boss battle. Boss: Cloud Giant King There is a cutscene of you trying to walk up to a closed gate. The Cloud Giant King walks into the area behind you. He regrets allowing Pelys through his gate and the oath that he swore to kill him. He thought that when he agreed to kill you that you were some sort giant and that you might be able to kill him. He sees now that Pelys has insulted him once again by sending a nuisance. In other times, he would have just sent you on your way. However, he swore to kill you and he is no oathbreaker. He gives you time to pray to whatever gods you wish before you meet your doom. However he doesn't give you time when you again have control. You will immediately be fighting him. He will immediately shoot a lightening streak at you. This is easy to dodge; run right up to him and start whacking away. Keep moving around to his non-weapon hand Once you beat him, the gate will open up and you meet Lazlo who starts acting crazy. He says that it's been so long since he has seen anything really. The cloud giants have a secret portal - not even known to anyone at Water's Edge but they're too big to go through it. Instead, they have sent their slaves down to the ice world to look for something. He knows where it is. He says he'll help you if you unlock him and prove to him that you're not Pelys in disguise. Unlock Lazlo by talking to him. You'll use the key you found earlier and has been sitting in your inventory. He says he says he has nothing to give you. He had something once but he threw it away, lost in the bottom of the sea. It is the horn that you are looking for. He said he found it when looking for it for the giant but it was so full of hate that he threw it away and it sank out of sight. However, he can still hear it and knows where it is. He says he'll help you but you must follow him to the giant's portal. You don't actually need to follow him. Further down the path past the gate/cage is a t-junction. To the right is a four-pronged area with several enemies and chests. To the left is where Lazlo goes. Follow Lazlo down this route to a damaged portal. Once he gets to the portal, it will be active and you'll be transported to an ice world where the giant made Lazlo and the other slaves dig.
III.11) The Frozen Sea: Finding the raft parts Lazlo had planned to escape and had collected the pieces from which he could build a raft. Out in the ship graveyard of ships are the pieces of the raft. One piece is in each ship. He says you need to gather all of the pieces of the ship and take them to the end of the ice. Then you will need to follow the current to where the horn is. This area is really bright and I always have to turn down the brightness in the options menu to see what's going on. There are a variety of enemies here, all large and dangerous. You'll first likely encounter a large upright bear-type thing carrying a club. He is quite strong and deals a lot of damage. Try to wound him with ranged attacks and then stay to his side or back to use melee attacks. Also in this level are creatures of a similar size but who also wield magic attacks and are white instead of brown. Finally, there are some smaller white bear-like creatures that are similar to the bear-like creature from Faydark. There is no clear path through this area; you just have to explore the entire area, finding all of the ships and pieces. A good strategy is to take one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and just move along the level in that direction. The raft pieces will usually be lying in the middle of the wreckage. Once you have collected all of them, return to Lazlo. Lazlo says to take them across the snow to where the ice ends. The current will then carry you to where you want to go... all the way to the bottom of the sea. He now unblocks the path and you can move into the other part. To get to the horn, you'll need to swim deep - but that's not all. The horn's not alone. Lazlo says that there is something down there with it and it's not going to let the horn go. Lazlo is going to go back to Water's Edge. Go down the path to Bronzeholt.
III.12) Bronzeholt: To the end of the ice Follow the path along the ice. Underneath, you can see orca whales swimming. There are some of the weaker white, striped bear-like creatures here. Near the end of the path, you'll encounter a portal. Go to where there is an arrow on the map and assemble the raft at the dock (press square when prompted). Launch the raft and see a dead man underwater...
III.13) The Depths You will start on an underwater mesa with undead all around. Kill the ones on the top and then look for the way down. This should be marked by a break in the cliffs on the map. Once down on the main level, clear the perimeter of the mesa. If you encounter the exit peninsula, keep going and kill all of the undead that you can. Once the perimeter is clear, go down the peninsula making sure to kill all of the enemies on either side of the hill that splits the peninsula. The peninsula will open into a large area surrounding a pit in the middle. After clearing the perimeter of the crater, go down into it and open the chest on the small island in the middle. Then go to the hole in the ground and enter the ocean caves. 
III.14) Ocean Caves These caves are very similar to the previous underwater caves with the exception being that these have no choice of path. Go through them until you reach a save point at the end. This will be right before a boss battle so if you're low on health potions, now is a good time to stock up. Boss: Dark Abysmal This boss is a large crablike creature who seems to be able to trapped away from you and vulnerable to ranged attacks. Either wear it down using ranged attacks or attack full on using melee attacks. Remember to stay away from the front, attacking the sides only. Once dead, it will drop the Horn of Ill Omen. Go to the portal and travel back to Water's Edge.
III.15) Water's Edge This is the last time you'll be here so gather up any weapons/armor that you have stashed nearby and sell them at the store. Go back across the submerged land bridge over which you first entered the island to the adjoining island where Davel Grom awaits you and the Horn of Ill Omen. Speak to him: "By the gods of Norrath, you've found the accursed thing... Give it here, I'll show you how to use it. I suppose you want some sort of reward [voice changes to that of Pelys] hound of Leithkorias." He reveals himself to be Pelys and changes into his familiar form. He says you've found the last thing needed for the war in Norrath to commence. While he thought you were Vannarhost chasing him when he saw you in the boat and summoned the storm, he was surprised to see you; you have more lives than any opponent he has ever faced. At that point he decided to use your strength to his advantage and used you to find the horn for him. Somehow you have survived... until now. Here you are again face to face and he wants you to see his true face before you die. He did not lie to you before; he and his father have been searching for the horn for some time. It has power and he knows how to use it. He reveals himself to look like an elf and blows the horn. ---End of Act III---

Act IV

 To the Plane of Hate Firiona appears to you and tells you that your cause is just. She is speaking to you from the Plane of Hate where Innoruuk holds souls captive in a cauldron of hate. You must free them and stop the impending invasion. There is a portal there through the fires through which only hate can pass. The fate of Norrath rests with you. 
 IV.1) City of Khathuun You're left in a place in this dark town near a save point and the store. The chests here look like round stones on a tripod. There are also crates that can be smashed here. First, talk to Gol Nazyn at the store. He wants you to find his seven trifles scattered about the Dungeons of Khathuun. for each one you bring, he'll lower his prices (which at first are insanely high). if you bring all seven, there may be something else for you Accept his deal. You will now have to explore the City of Kathuun and all of the various surrounding dungeons. The enemies here are like those of the tower of clouds (without the cloud giants) with the addition of some magic users. There is no set way to retrieve all seven curiosities but the following description includes all of them. Go right from the entrance street over a bridge and follow the road along until you reach a hole in the ground. Enter the Dungeons of Khathuun. The enemies here are insectoid things with a body similar to that of a scorpion. They have large jaws and shoot poison. There are two sizes of these creatures and they can be quite deadly. For them, like for bugs, timing is crucial to determine whether you hit them or miss them or they hit you. Follow the dungeon along until you reach a room that has a cross-shaped pool with a small island in the center. On that island lies one of the Curiosities. Make sure you get it. The chests in this area look like closed venus fly traps. Further down the dungeon, go out the exit at the end of the cave (not the same one you came in) back to the city of Khathuun. (One Curiosity) You will exit onto a raised part of the city and immediately beset by enemies. Kill them and turn right by the chest. There is a curiosity there. Pick it up and open the chest. Lower the stairs but don't go down yet. Go right from where you came in and go into the other entrance to the dungeons. (One Curiosity) Follow this dungeon along until you come to a room with that acts as a T-junction. Go in either direction until you are at the curiosity at the end. However, don't forget to go back and get the other curiosity in the other arm. Once you get this, you can gate back to the store (rather than have to go back through the dungeon). (Two Curiosities) From the store head left into the furthest part of the area. Go back into the dungeon. This is similar to the first dungeon in that there is one way through it with a curiosity in the middle. (One Curiosity) The exit will lead you to Khathuun North, a different part of the city unconnected to the part you have already explored. Explore this fully. There is a curiosity here. It is semi-hidden up on a raised portion of the city, on the far side of the level on same side of middle river on which you entered. It is in a dark place between a square structure and a wall. The square structure is easily seen on the map. If you orient the map so that the entrance is at 6 o'clock, the location of the curiosity will be at 8 o'clock. Note that you cannot gate scroll back to the store while you are in this area. (One Curiosity) On the opposite side of Khathuun North is another entrance to the dungeons. Descend and follow them along until you find the final curiosity. The exit will put you on the only unexplored balcony in the level. Collect the chests and kill the enemies. (One Curiosity) Return to Gol Nazyn. He praises Innoruuk that you've brought them all and promises to lower his prices for you. He gives you a gift. It is a piece of Innoruuk himself, torn from his body in a long-forgotten battle. It is a shard of true hate. He has been carrying it for the past five decades, not knowing its power. He has tried to rid himself of it hundreds of times but it always finds its way back to him. Until now. The seven curiosities you brought him are pieces of an incantation freeing him of the stone. The stone is now bound to you. Equip the best weapons and armor you can afford, stock up on potions, and save your game. As you go back into the city, the door will open and will emit a number of enemies. Once you kill them replenish at the store (if needed) save, and return to the doorway. Enter the Arena. IV.2) The Arena As you enter, you see people cheering. The opposite doors will all open and admit a large number of enemies. Again a good strategy to keep from being overwhelmed is to run away. Once they are dead, the doors will admit several large, mace-wielding enemies. As they're quite slow, running away and picking them off one by one is a good strategy. If you are low on health at the end of either of these battles, it is a good strategy to wait to kill the final enemy until you are fully healed as once all the enemies are dead, the next part of the battle commences immediately. Pelys enters. "You have failed, Champion of Norrath." He's been marshaling his forces while you have been chasing him. In Blackdelve Reach, Vannarhost has recovered and is now reinstating the army of the fallen. Innorruk will open the planar gates and will flood Norrath with his forces. The arena beast enters. It looks like a huge dinosaur. Beware of his bite and also of his side and tail. His only vulnerable point is his neck and front of his side. Just keep moving away from him; you can use the pillars to the side to gain some sanctuary. You might be able to trap him among them and pick away using ranged attacks. Once the beast is dead, you will remove a shard of hate from its side. Make sure you've collected all of the items from the room and exit the arena. Go into the area with the four skulls surrounding the red gem and use the shards of hate. Enter the door to the Hanging Garden that has been unblocked (previously blocked with a barrier of flames).
IV.3) Hanging Gardens This area is densely vegetated with pits containing spikes and large metal fences. While randomly generated, this area does have a consistent design. When you enter, your only path will be a path between two fenced-in areas containing wrigglers. Several wrigglers will attack you initially but after that, the enemies are undead. at the end of the fence, you have the option to go back along the inside part of the two fences and kill the wrigglers and two mini-bosses. Defeat them in the same way you defeated the mini-bosses in Vanarhost Castle. This time, you may be able to lure the undead into a pit with spikes. Then you will be left to concentrate on the mini-boss. After this is a large open area consisting of the raised level on which you entered and the lower level with many wrigglers. Try to stay on the top level until you can see a way to get back up to where you are from the lower part. Work through this area killing all of the wrigglers and undead. When you have explored the entire area, you will be left at a crater with a bunch of undead archers and a huge hole in the ground. Do not enter the hole yet. Once the archers are dead, gate back to the store and retrieve/sell any items you may have left on the ground near there. This will be your last chance to visit this store. Return to the Hanging Gardens and enter the portal by walking into the hole. ---End of Act IV--- 
ACT V - The Plane of Air and Plane of Hate It seemed to be the beginning of the end for the people of Norrath. Innoruuk's army had assembled, the planar barriers were about to fall. You're the only hope for Norrath.
V.1) Plane of Air You land on an island in the Plane of Hate and are met by Pelys. He taunts you and asks you if you want to battle him. You can hear the horn of Ill Omen blown in the background and are shown a cutscene of undead soldiers marching. While Pelys is gloating, Innoruuk appears and is angered at Pelys's use of the words "our kingdom." He says that Pelys sought to be the Child of Hate. But to hate, one must suffer. Pelys begs for his life but is summarily killed by a large minion summoned by Innoruuk. His soul is plucked out and shot from a bow into the wooden bridge on which you are standing. The bridge collapses under you and you plummet into a pit of fire. You awaken in a beautiful heaven-like place. Speak to Natasla. She tells you that though your wounds were great, she was able to heal you. This is not the afterlife - it is the Plane of Air. You're the world's only chance to avert the darkness to come. Though, due to divine tradition, she cannot intervene directly in this affair, she can part with anything you see - for an appropriate offering. She says you will have to return to the plane of hate and battle one of Innoruuk's minions. Only then can you enter the Fortress of Hate. The Plane of Air is several islands connected by light bridges. The chests here look like white eggs. Once you're done exploring up here (not much to see), go back to Natasla and tell her that you want to return to the Plane of Hate.
V.2) Plane of Hate This is a long platform above a sea of lava. It is filled with blue devil-like creatures, wrigglers and fiery knights. There are frozen statues of souls that you can break. The fire knights are difficult to hit if you walk up to them at first. They have a really long reach and can prevent you from hitting them. Be prepared to absorb two to three blows if you mis-time hitting them. Wait for a few seconds while it flails at you. Then charge in and hit them. They are pretty weak; it is just getting at them that is the tricky part. The chests in this area are large brown cauldrons. Eventually, you'll reach a save point. The path past this diverges around a large mountain. Either path is fine; there will be several wrigglers either way. Clear out all of the chests that are tucked away along here. Walk up to the door of fire and see that it is unlocked. Walking away from it will trigger the boss battle. Boss: Greater Minion This is the same monster you saw kill Pelys earlier. He attacks with magic and also with souls. He will pull a soul out of the ground and shoot it at you using a bow or slam it onto the ground like a club. The strategy for him is similar to any of the other bosses. He is pretty easy to deal with because he is really slow and there is plenty of terrain in which to trap him. Once he is dead, go to the door that has now opened. Go inside to the Cauldron of Souls. 
V.3) Cauldron of Souls Firiona appears and says that your journey is nearly over. The Barrier of Hate is Innoruuk's weak point. To weaken the barrier, you must save enough souls by liberating them from this plane. Once you save enough souls, the barrier will fall. You appear in the Cauldron of Souls. This is an area with a large lava pit in the center with some exits leading off in various directions. On the far side is the Barrier of Hate. The creatures you see here are not enemies; they are the souls you must protect and lead through to the Plane of Air. You must lead the souls through the halls of despair and into the plane of air. Go into any of the doors in the Cauldron of Souls. All lead to randomly generated halls filled with devil creatures and lava. Do not go into the lava; you will die immediately. Try to keep the souls behind you. They will cower if there is an enemy nearby. You cannot use gate scrolls in this area. The enemies will try to hit the souls before they attack you. In fact, they will often just run past you to get at the souls. The souls can absorb some damage but don't let enemies attack them for very long or they will die. Additionally, the souls will probably run into the lava (it doesn't hurt them) and be attacked by the devils there. In this case, you must use ranged attacks to protect them. At the end of the series of hallways and rooms is a portal. Go inside it and wait for all of the surviving souls to get close. It sometimes happens that if the soul has wandered too far from the portal, when you activate it it does not bring the soul with you. Try to wait until all of the souls are as close as possible to you and to being inside the portal. Activating it will bring you and them back to the Plane of Air. Back at the Plane of Air, you will see the souls be released and the counter of freed souls will increase. Speak to Natasla and she will tell you whether you have freed enough souls. If you have not, return to the Cauldron of Souls via the portal and repeat. You must release ~6-8 souls before you have freed enough for the barrier to fall. Once the barrier falls, return to the Cauldron and pass through the barrier to face Innoruuk. 
V.4) Lair of Innoruuk There is a cutscene of panning over burning skulls and statues. You will see Firiona tied to several poles by glowing chains. She is glad to see you and tells you to smash the seals and free her. Innoruuk appears, tells you that you are a fool to have come here and attacks. Do NOT try to attack him here. You cannot hurt him at all. The seals are the large grey statues that circle the area. Just walk up to them and hit them with your melee weapon. Three or four strikes should be enough to break each one. Innoruuk is slow here so just avoid him. He can also be trapped easily by luring him into the narrow space between the edge of the island and the seal. There will be a counter telling you how many seals remain. Once the last seal has been broken, return to Firiona and be transported back to the Plane of Air. She thanks you; those seals were draining the last of her power and she fears that she could not have held out much longer. You saved her and have her gratitude. But the battle is not yet won. She says that to stop Innoruuk, you will need a weapon forged without malice or hate. To wield such a weapon, you must purge the hatred from within yourself. You will be transported to the island with the portal. Go back to the island with the save point. IMPORTANT: Save here; if you die during the final battle, you will have to reload your game. Take the path from the save island that branches off at a right angle to the axis defined by the save point, portal, and Natasla. At the t-junction of the light bridge, choose either path. Walk into the portal and purge yourself of hate. Firiona tells you to strike down Innoruuk now. "Whoever triumphs in this battle will decide the fate of Norrath and the era to come. You are Norrath's champion, and the only one who can save us." You are now automatically transported back to Innoruuk's lair. Innoruuk appears. He praises you, saying you are strong to have come this far. He asks if you think it was your faith that has given you this strength. You have killed legions coming to him. He says you would lie if you didn't enjoy it. It was hatred that fueled your heart. He gives you the chance to pledge yourself to him. You refuse and the battle is begun. --- Side note: If you are killed during this battle, you will get a cutscene epilogue full of doom and gloom. It says that with no one to stop his invading army, Innoruuk's forces marched onto the planes and overcame the gods of Norrath one by one. The planes became a battleground filled with thunder, canyons, screams of the dead and dying. The Great Mother Tunare was the last to die When she did, there was only one god: the God of Hate. Game Over. You have to reload from your most recent save point. --- As has been mentioned in this guide a number of times, it really helps to have a damage-over-time attachment such as disease or poison attached to your ranged weapon for this battle. Hopefully you have saved one. The key is to damage Innoruuk enough to make him drop his hammer. Then rush in and hit him as many times as possible. He has a devastating attack with his hammer, so stay away from him until he drops it. If you're far away, his ranged attack can be dodged easily. Additionally, like before, he is slow and can be trapped behind the outer pillars. Stay out of the middle, and you should have enough time to wear him down and kill him. Once he is dead, there will be a cutscene showing him consumed by fire and exploding. After the cutscene, quickly run around and grab the loot; Innoruuk drops some good stuff and after a short time, the game will end automatically. Epilogue Without Innoruuk's power, the hate that had feueled his army began to consume itself. The goblins and orcs turned against each other and were easy targets for the forces of the elves. Great barriers were placed around the portals, sealing them forever. And all was peaceful and good. But what was good, without hate? 


Controlls : 9/10
The controlls were amazing they were classic, and about the same as baulder's gate's controlls, and those were amazing. The only part i did not like, was the fact that you couldn't jump.

Graphics : 10/10
The grapics were just standard for good graphics.

Cutscenes : 10/10
The cutscenes were pretty darn amazing, and hope you guys loved them as much as i did.

Sound : 10/10
The sound was great. Iloved when the character would just shout things out like "Too much trees! Where's the ice?"

Replayability : 8/10
It will get boring if you play it like 14 times on a single part ( keep dieing or somthing)

Overall : 9/10
Overall, this game was very pleasing and awesome to play.