I want to Honor These People

Xenite: Logo on home
Richard Beast: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Guide.
Sting Cain : Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
dlmt3 : made mud and blood 2
Tprod : he just helped me
mrbort : i used his guide for champs of norath
and i want to :

I want to thank my best friend

i know this one sucks but i made it myself so its better
Nivle you rock! He's also gonna help me with some guides. This picture is in honor of you Nivle!

I also want to thank my sister

Thanks so much, sis. You're a big help with the site. I don't know what I would do without you. I would give you some cash award, but nah i need mah muneh. anyways, thanks a bunch. :D

I wanna thank Planet Balders Gate...

Thanks Planet Balder's Gate for the screen shots of Balder's Gate Dark Alliance 2

And i want to thank the internet for these pictures....

WOOT! Go pictures! Go internet! You rock!

This picture, i added the' I see you!'
sorry if its too bloody for you but its zombies so its awesome!