Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Complete Walkthrough
 Current Version: 1.00 
 Written by Sting Cain 
 Only for Sony PSP

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(1)Table of Contents                                      [TABL77]

>> 1. {Table of Contents} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TABL77] 
| | >> 2. {Introduction}. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INTR66] 
| | >> 3. {Updates} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [UPDA11] 
| | >> 4. {Basics} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BASI00] 
| | ^^ i. (Story) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [STOR71] 
| | ^^ ii. (Characters) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CHAR23]  
| | ^^ iii. (Controls) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CONT09] 
| | ^^ iv. (Menu) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[MENU71] 
| | ^^ v. (Saving) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SAVE98] 
| | ^^ vi. (Battle) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BATL42]
| | A. DMW 
 | | B. Limits 
 | | C. Tips 
 | | ^^ vii. (F.A.Q.s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [FAQS65] 
| | >> 5. {Walkthrough} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WALK19] 
| | A. Chapter 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CLOU23] 
| | B. Chapter 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [HOJO89] 
| | C. Chapter 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [AERI21] 
| | D. Chapter 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SEPH56] 
| | E. Chapter 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ANGE80] 
| | F. Chapter 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LAZA00] 
| | G. Chapter 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TIFA34] 
| | H. Chapter 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [YUFF55] 
| | I. Chapter 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ZACK23]
| | J. Chapter 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TSEN11] 
| | K. Chapter 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VINC77] 
| | --New Game + . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [NEWG12] 
| | >> 6. {Future Updates} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [FUTR07] 
| | >> 7. {Contact} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PHON87] 
| | >> 8. {Credits} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CRED79] 
| | >> 9. {Disclaimer} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [DISC55]

(2) Introduction                                                [INTR66]

Welcome! Contained within is a complete walkthrough for the main storyline of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The spinoff title, part of the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, is easily the best of the bunch (so far).

 This walkthrough is for the Japanese version of the game. As of this writing, there is no other version available, and without even an official release date for other versions, it could be a long time before we get to experience the story of Zack Fair. As such, I've created this walkthrough of the game with intent of helping you get through the main game.

 Over time, I intend to add to the guide, eventually covering all missions and sidequests. However, it's main purpose is to walk non-Japanese players through the game, as it can be difficult without knowing the language.

 Anyone can use this guide, but it is meant for those who are already familiar with the storyline of Final Fantasy VII.

(3)Last 7 Updates                                                    [UPDA11] 

10/31/2007 - Updated the disclaimer again. Also, added the sidequest for the locked safe in Nibelheim ( [LOKS01] ) and information on a New Game + ( [NEWG12] ). FAQs for both of these were added to the FAQ section, and an extra tip was added on top of the Table of Contents. 

 10/29/2007 - Just updated the disclaimer. 

 10/25/2007 - Guide v.1.0. finished! 

 10/23/2007 - Finished Chapters 7, 8, and 9. 

 10/21/2007 - Finished Chapter 6, added sections for Credits, Disclaimer, Contact and Future Updates. Added character descriptions. 

10/20/2007 - Finished Chapters 4 and 5. Began Chapter 6. 

 10/19/2007 - Tweaked Chapter 1, finished Chapters 2 and 3, finished half of Chapter 4. Made various formate changes.

(4)Basics                                                             [BASI00] 

                                                                                          Story    [STOR71] 

Crisis Core is the prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation in 1997. The game details the story of Zack Fair, a member of SOLDIER. The character is well known to fans of the original game, despite having a tiny role in the grand scheme of things. That is, until now. Zack actually has a profound impact on the events of the original game, and his story can now be told...

                                                                                      Characters  [CHAR23]  

*** {-ZACK FAIR-} Incredibly optimistic and cheerful, Zack is the perfect hero. Beginning as a 2nd Class SOLDIER, Zack dreams of ascending to 1st Class and becoming a true hero. Little did he know the journey his dreams would take him... 

*** {-ANGEAL HEWLEY-} Angeal is the original owner of the Buster Sword, and a 1st Class SOLDIER. He is the mentor of Zack and joins him on the first mission in Wutai. He is level-headed and strong, as well as being a close friend of Sephiroth. 

*** {-SEPHIROTH-} The best SOLDIER that ever lived, the greatest fighter there ever was. His flowing silver hair and black attire are instantly recognizable, the threat he would pose to the world if he ever 'switched sides' would be insurmountable.  

*** {-LAZARD-} High in the ranks of Shinra, Lazard assigns missions to the SOLDIER group, and even occassionally joins people in the field. Of course, he has an important role in the grand scheme of things, but as an ally or villain? 

*** {-GENESIS RHAPSODOS-} A 1st Class SOLDIER who went missing in the Wutai War. What happened? He is a childhool friend of Sephiroth, and also a friend with Angeal. He is based off of and is voiced by JRock star Gackt. 

*** {-DR. HOLLANDER-} Dr. Hollander treats Genesis after an accident in a training room long before the events of the game. Something must have happened there... 

*** {-AERIS GAINSBOROUGH-} The girl that shocked players around the world in FF7 returns to reveal her first boyfriend. Yes indeed, the girlfriend of Zack, she lives in the Midgar Slums and spends a lot of time in the peaceful Church--the only place flowers will grow. 

 *** {-TSENG-} Head of the Turks, another group of Shinra Elite. He aids Zack throughout the story, but is ultimately loyal to the Shinra Company. He has a secret connection to Aeris.  

*** {-CLOUD STRIFE-} The hero of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is just a mere Shinra flunky in Crisis Core. Regardless, he quickly befriends Zack and their friendship becomes a powerful force in the storyline. 

*** {-CISSNEI-} A pretty girl working for the Turks. She befriends Zack, but where will that friendship lead...?

                                                                                         Controls  [CONT09]

Since the PSP has controls that are nearly identical to its console counterparts, the game is very easy to control. 

 *** D-Pad - Movement 

 *** Analog Nub - Movement 

 *** L/R Buttons -In battle: Cycle commands -On field : Rotate camera left/right 

 *** Triangle -In battle: Block -On field : Menu 

 *** Square -In battle: Dodge -On field : Map 

 *** Circle -In battle: Confirm command -On field : Confirm/investigate/interact 

 *** 'X' -In battle: Cancel (Only used to go back from Items menu) -On field : Cancel 

 *** Start button - Pause game. It can be paused anytime, including cinemas. 

 *** Select button - No use.

                                                                                            Menu  [MENU71] 

The menu is pretty easy to navigate, especially if you have played Final Fantasy games before. Just getting your bearings is the important thing.

 To access the menu, press Triangle. Zack's status is shown across the right side of the screen.

1)***Items Go the Item menu. Here, you can view all the items you have collected in the game, as well as use them or sort them. 

2)***Equip The screen you'll end up using the most. You can equip up to 4 Materia, 6 later in the game, and 2 accessories. 2 more accessories can be equipped after completing the 7-2 missions. Do those as soon as possible! 

3)***Materia Hardly a useful screen for a general playthrough. A list of all materia you have, you can use or sort them from this screen. 

4)***Combine Once this option opens up, you can combine materia to make stronger variations. SP is consumed when materia is synthesized. There are many materia that cannot be found in the game, only made using this screen. 

5)***D.M.W A listing of all open slots in the D.M.W reel. Pressing Triangle will reveal the memory sequences you've seen with that character. 

 6)***Missions Only available at save points, missions are available in 10 categories, and various subcategories within. These are great for rewards, training, or unlocking important features. Aside from one mission in the beginning, you do not need to run a mission at all to complete the game. 

 7)***Email Periodically throughout the game, characters will email Zack to tell him various tidbits and story details. You can check your new emails here to get rid of the icon in the corner of the screen. 

 8)***Shop There are no shops in the game to buy things from. At least, not in the normal sense of the word. Picking this option allows you to shop for items anytime, anywhere. Very useful if you need a quick heal and are out of potions! 

 9)***Level Your current level. You cannot level up by way of experience, but instead level when the DMW hits 777. Battle in excess is still the general recipe to leveling up! 

 10)**SP Synthesizing(?) points. You need these to combine materia in the Combine menu. SP is accrued every time an enemy is killed. Also, a small amount of SP is consumed when the DMW reel turns. 

 11)**HP Current Health Points. When these reach 0, you die. Don't let that happen! 

 12)**MP Magic Points. When using Green Materia (Magic Materia) MP is used. 

 13)**AP Action points. Used whenever a Yellow Materia (Command Materia) is used in battle.

                                                                                             Saving   [SAVE98] 
Saving can be done at the glowing green "S" symbols scatterred across the game. To save, walk to a save point and press Circle. One the menu opens, select a slot, press Circle, and select the left option that appears. 

 All done! 

 The second option at a save point is to manage the data on your memory stick. You can do this to make room by pressing Select at a save point.

                                                                                              Battle   [BATL42]
 The DMW reel is located in the upper left hand side of the screen. It spins like a slot machine, eventually falling on a selection of 3 faces and 3 numbers. When 3 faces are matched, a limit break can be performed.
When the reel hits 777, regardless of character combination, you level up.

 The player has no impact on the DMW, it's more a matter of luck. 

As you progress through the game, more options will become available to the player as far as limits go. Meeting a character in the game will unlock their portrait in the DMW, which in turn grants a new limit. All main limits are listed below, as well as their affect on the battle. 

-Zack does a sequence of sword slashes against one enemy. Decent damage. 

-Zack does a hand-to-hand combo on up to 3 enemies. Very powerful. 

-Zack calls Tseng for help. Shinra helicopters arrive and attack all enemies on field. Decent damage. 

-Zack is completely cured of all status effects and healed 100%. 

-Bringing back the classic Meteor limit, Zack launches meteors onto the entire battlefield for high damage. 

-Probably the best one in the game, Cissnei will cause all of Zack's strikes to cause critical damage for a short period. 

-Unlocked last in the game. Zack casts a spell on the entire battlefield for high damage.

While tactics are always something best optimized for an individual battle, there are some things to keep in mind for ALL fights. 

-Dodging is better than blocking against most normal enemies and attacks. A perfectly timed dodge will cause an enemy to miss, even with a spell. Guarding is a 'safe' alternitive, but at the cost of damage. 
 -Never unequip Cure materia! If you can't read Japanese, then casting a spell to heal yourself in battle is much easier than trying to find which option in your menu is a potion... 
 -Don't overdo your combos. Most of the time, your full attack combo is too long and will leave you open for an enemy attack. Go for the first 3 hits and then either dodge or block as needed. 
 -Get behind your enemy. When attacking from behind, all hits are critical. This is the best tactic you will have, since critical strikes also result in the enemy being stunned for a second. If you can secure a spot behind an enemy, you can attack without stopping until they die.

                                                                                 F.requently A.sked Q.uestions   [FAQS65] 

Q: How do I skip cutscenes? 
A: You don't, sadly. There is no way to skip scenes in this game, so if you die, then yes, you have to watch that 10 minute sequence again. Sorry! 

Q: I can't find out what to do once I touch the panel in the first room... 
A: Go to the save point, highlight missions, and complete the first mission. 

Q: How do I do a soft reset? 
A: L+R+Start will return you to the "Square-Enix" title screen. 

Q: What do I say in dialogue boxes?! 
A: Generally, always pick the top option to progress the story. Also pay attention to punctuation. A "?" is usually not what you want. Look for a "!" when it is available, that'll be the best choice to get through conversations quickly. 

Q: Can I watch the FMV's again? 
A: No, you'll have to play through the game to see them. 

 Q: How long is the game? 
A: The main storyline takes between 10 and 15 hours on a first playthrough, probably 6-8 on a second playthrough. To complete 'everything' including missions and sidequests, it could take between 30 and 40 hours. 

Q: What is the combination of the locked safe in Nibelheim? 
A: See [LOKS01] 

Q: What is a New Game +? What do I keep/lose in a New Game +? 
A: See [NEWG12] 

(5)Walkthrough                                              [WALK19] 

Finally! The juicy part of the guide! Before you begin, allow me to outline just how this will be written. I will guide you through the main storyline of the game. Which is, honestly, the only real storyline to be had!

 I'll break it down into easy to read chunks, usually with a preface on each statement. BATTLE indicates a story battle, but nothing to be overly worried about. CUTSCENE is obvious, and will include a short descriptor of the scene to help you get your bearings if you are trying to find your spot in the middle of the guide. The cutscene descriptions ARE NOT TRANSLATIONS, merely a look at the actions in the scene. However, be sure to skip over these if you are afraid of spoilers, because is someone were to die in the game, you don't need to know Japanese to figure it out! Nothing will be spoiled before it's time of course, so fear not!

 Finally, BOSS descriptors will be broken down into their own boxes, which will include a difficulty, level, strategy, and at the bottom of each box youwill find an IN SHORT strategy which just highlights the basic method to kill the boss. ***NOTE: The level is not the level of the boss. To create this walkthrough, I am playing through the game on a new file and following the guide exactly as I write it. The level is my current level when fighting the boss, meaning you can beat it at that level. Difficulty rating and strategy are intended for people of similar levels.

                                                                                             Chapter 1 [CLOU23]

 - Load up the game and press "New Game!" 
 - After the title sequence plays (this should be an exciting sequence for FF7 vets) , you take control of Zack in the first battle of the game. 
 - ***BATTLE: 10 Wutai Soldiers*** 
This battle is against 10 Wutai soldiers (disguised as Shinra). Basically impossible to lose, so play around and get used to the controls. When you are ready, you can just mash Circle for this fight to auto-target and kill all the soldiers. 
 - CINEMA: Zack runs past a panicking crowd and into a Behemoth! 
- ***BATTLE: Behemoth*** The Behemoth is another 'too easy' fight, so feel free to play around. Try and get behind him to land critical hits, but watch out for his tail. He will occassionally swipe with it, so either dodge or block. Not a big deal even if he hits. - CUTSCENE: Zack and Sephiroth duel, but are interupted by Angeal. 
 The scene continues into an FMV.

                                                                                           Chapter 2  [HOJO89]

- CHAPTER IMAGE: Zack versus the Behemoth. 
 - At every chapter transition, you are given the option to save. That would be the first option, so hit Circle and save. The game automatically continues from there. 
 - CUTSCENE: Zack chats with a member of SOLDIER in the Shinra building. This transitions into a scene where Zack and Angeal are briefed by Lazard. The topic? 1st Class SOLDIER - Genesis. 
 - The player takes control at this point. This is a good chance to really get your bearings. Open the menu and read all the emails you have, get that email icon out of the screen. When you are done, talk to the Soldier guarding the door, a dialogue box will open. Select the first option to continue. - Interact with the computer terminal in the next room. A save point will be highlighted. Walk over to the save point and open your menu, then select missions (under DMW). Select your only option, the first mission. 
- MISSION: 1-1-1 Easiest part in the game, right here. 3 soldiers versus you. Oh wait! More spawn as you kill them, but only 8 in total. Chumps. Slay them and move on! 
 - Another short sequence will play. When it ends, walk over to locker #6 and open it. Once again the game will give you a short sequence. Get used to them, because this will happen alot! Enjoy them! 
- Walk back into the first room with Angeal and speak to him. Select the first option (OK!) in the box that opens. 
- CUTSCENE: Lazard and Zack have a friendly talk. 
 - At this point the game transitions to Wutai, where the 'true' game begins. You are now officialy at risk of dying if you don't pay attention! You'll be forced to fight a group of 3 Wutai soldiers, all 3 can be killed in two hits each. Another dialogue takes place. Pretty sparkles, don't you think? 
 - Zack is in control again. Just follow the path down. You will have a few random encounters as you progress down the trail, but all of them are weak little fights. Again, take this chance to fool around with the battle controls. 
 - TIP: If you health gets low, your 3rd Materia equipped is Cure, and can be used to heal yourself in and out of battle. - CUTSCENE: Zack and Angeal link up, and talk. Angeal describes a place with Windmills and beautiful greenery. It ends with Angeal walking away laughing at Zack, who seems flustered. - Continue on down the pathway. You'll get an email, so go ahead and read it, then proceed to save at the save point. Just beyond is the zoneline leading into the next area. Cross through it. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Angeal spy on a shrine in the moonlight. After talking briefly, a bomb explodes in the background. Zack gets excited and jumps. quite literally, into combat! 
- ***BATTLE: Wutai Defense*** An initial count of 6 average troops and 1 leader on the ground. Up above on the roof are 3 archers. Take out the guys on the ground first. Simple swipes of your sword will do, they go down quickly. The battleground is large, so if you move to the back, you will remain out of range for the archers, thus eliminating them as a threat until you are ready for them anyways. After getting the guys on the ground, cycle to either your Fire or Ice Materia and take down the guys on the roof. 
- After breaking through the gate, another small battle will occur. After wiping the floor with those guys, Zack gets a phone call, followed by giving the player control of Zack again. 
 1) Go left straight down to a chest. 
2) Turn right at the chest. 
 3) Follow the path until a sequence shows Zack turning away to dodge gunfire. Then run right into the gunfire and the soldiers will run. Follow them for an easy battle. 
4) Interact with the trap door for another fight, followed by a phone call. 
5) Go through the doorway behind the trapdoor and grab the chest, then continue down the path. 
 6) The next chest in the path will spawn 4 soldiers. Kill them and move on. 
7) Two fights later you'll find a chest. Pick it up and head to the left. 
8) Soldiers shoot from down a corridor, opening a dialogue box. Select option 1 and charge into battle! 
9) Finally, one last battle at a doorway. Kill the 3 dogs to open a dialogue box. Select the first option. Go through the door to get a nice view of the shrine.
10) Take either a left or right to end up at a save point. You will get an email, so read it and then save. Start toward the shrine now. - Use either the materia or items screen to heal yourself, there is a fight coming.
- CUTSCENE: Yuffie, a young girl, stand defiantly before Zack. They talk before she runs off elsewhere. 
- Enter the shrine for your first boss fight... 

                                                 [[ BOSS: OGRESx2 ]] *Level: 6* (( DIFFICULTY: EASY )) 
 Zack walks into an empty room. Oh snap, look out!! Two Ogres decide to 'drop in' and 'say hello.' This is the first true challenge of the game, so you may die here. Your battle tactics are more important than ever, so remember to dodge and block, and more importantly, to position yourself behind your enemies. It does not matter which one you start with, so pick your favorite color and run to his backside. They have one special attack, noted by the red dialogue box at the top of the screen. It will do about 150 damage, so heal using materia after they use that attack. They will also smash the ground with their axe, causing medium to high damage, and do a horizontal swipe. These can both be easily dodged for 0 damage. Continue to slash at their backs until they are both dead. 
^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Attack from behind, avoid getting between them. Heal after their cross strike attack.
 CUTSCENE: Oh no, not another giant... It knocks Zack back, but Angeal arrives to save the day, using the legendary Buster Sword. The sceme ends with Angeal helping Zack stand back up. 
- Transition back to the woods, where Lazard meets up with Zack and Angeal. That is, until they are interupted by those pesky soldiers again... Wait, those aren't pesky soldiers! These guys look different! They die just the same though, so take 'em down! 
 - After the next sequence, save. Trust me, you'll need to. 
 - Walk a few feet and select the top option in the dialogue box that opens. 
 - Summon magic...? Uh-oh! Another boss fight! 
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                      [[ BOSS: IFRIT ]] *Level: 6* (( DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM/EASY )) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   This guy is much harder than the giants, but a similar tactic should apply. Slicing him in the back works, and when you need your distance, use Ice materia from your second slot to do some nice damage, he is weak against it. Ifrit is fast and is usually facing you, so don't hesitate to fight the guy from the front. Don't be faked out by his wounded animation, when he gets ready to strike, he won't be stunned by your hits. Also, in this case, dodging will not work well, as he has two stuttered attacks that result in a hit if you dodge. Just block to minimize the damage taken. His strongest attack occurs in an FMV, but don't get to happy at the pretty graphics, because this will hurt. Heal after the attack, which will do about 300 damage. His only other attack is to launch 3 fireballs, which can be easily blocked and reduced to only 3 damage each. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Hit, Hit, Hit, Block, Repeat. Heal when needed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         -CUTSCENE: Sephiroth finishes of Ifrit, and then talks with Zack about Genesis. Listen close, even an English speaker can pick out the words "Genesis copy." 

 - Chapter end.
                                                                                       Chapter 3   [AERI21]
- CUTSCENE: Zack is doing squats in the Shinra building and it interupted by a phone call. He goes to Lazard's office and they talk about Genesis. Zack meets Tseng, unlocking him on the DMW. 
 - Check your new email, then talk to Tseng. Select the first option (OK!) which will start another cuscene. 
- CUTSCENE: Tseng and Zack talk about Sephiroth. This transitions into the same village that Angeal described earlier in Wutai. Banola village! Ends with the appearence of two Genesis clones. 
 - ***BATTLE: 2 Genesis Clones*** Too easy. They'll swipe and cast Ice, but just a few swings of your sword and they'll die. 
- After talking with Tseng, you can control again. You'll get an email after walking a few steps forward, check it and move on. Follow the pathway down, killing the few Genesis clones that will pop up on the way. There is a save point at the top of the hill, save and prepare for your next fight.
- CUTSCENE: Zack tears up some clones, then prepares for a battle with a spider-like robot.
- BATTLE: Spider robot This guy is big and clunky, quite slow as well. It's easy to get behind him and hack away. When the red box appears up top, he will either cause an electrical orb to hit everything around him, or shoot at you with a machine gun. Instead of dodging, just block both of these. Dodge when he tries to hit you with his pincers, but you should be behind him anyways to those won't be used much. Continue hitting his back until he dies. 
- CUTSCENE: Tseng and Zack talk about Genesis, his clones, and SOLDIER. 
 - Run to where Tseng is standing and walk past him into the next zone. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Tseng talk while Zack looks to the sky. They split up while Tseng investigates a gravesite. 
- There is a chest to the left, go grab it, then go to the right of Tseng and walk toward the village. When you get there, a short scene plays and you get control again. Run to the save point and save. Then enter the door to the left of the save to activate another scene. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack walks into the house of an old woman, who we quickly learn is the mother of Angeal. We get a nice shot of the Buster Sword, which is sitting inside the house. The scene also features some flashback images of Genesis. 
- You can look around the house if you want, but leave when you are ready to continue. Zack sees 3 clones and runs over to kill them. Do so to prompt the next scene. 
 - Walk past the broken fence and take right to pick up a chest and get an email. Read the email and continue up the hill. Once you get to the top, you'll see Tseng crouching over the building. Talk to him to activate a... 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Tseng talk about Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth. Zack jumps, rather flamboyantly, into the building. Genesis clones rush up, triggering a fight. 
- After killing the clones, you get a short scene between Tseng and Zack. This gives you a view of the stairwell, which you need to take down as soon as the scene ends. Once at the bottom of the stairs, another scene plays and a fight triggers. 
- ***BATTLE: Genesis Clones and a Flying Robot*** The Genesis clones are weak, so kill them first to get them out of your way. They will spawn for a while, but they do stop coming after about 7-8. The robot can be hard to judge which end is the front and back, so just attack it and dodge when it gets ready to attack. Easy fight. - Tseng is scene in a doorway, walk over to the doorway. You see Tseng working on a computer as you enter. When the scene ends, walk to the save point and save your game. Walk through the door in front of the save point. 
 - CUTSCENE: Zack walks in to find... Gackt?! No wait, that's Genesis. Genesis reads from LOVELESS and then talks to Zack. Tseng walks in and discovers a clone in a tank full of liquid. More talking ensues before Genesis burns Tseng with a fireball, causing Zack to retaliate. Only... Angeal?! How could you?! Angeal interupts, and lets Genesis escape. 
- Save again if you want, but then continue back into the original room with the stairwell. After the cutscene, rotate the camera to see a chest behind you. Grab it, then head down the path. There is another chest on the side of the building if you want it. 

 - MINIGAME: Missile Slice In this game, Zack will stand, sword ready, waiting for a missile to come his way. When it gets close to Zack (within striking distance of your sword), press Circle to cut the missile in half. The game will mix things up by giving you some interesting angles, but it's an easy game. After 10 missiles, the game ends, regardless of whether or not you cut them all. 

- A countdown will appear on the top of the screen. You have a ton of time, just run straight past the broken fence again and into the house you found the old lady in. 
 - CUTSCENE: Oh no! She's dead! Angeal is standing over the body, causing Zack to attack him in rage. They argue, and Genesis shows up. Genesis trips Zack as Angeal walks away. Genesis summons your next boss, Bahamut.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                            [[ BOSS: BAHAMUT ]] *Level: 8* (( DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bahamut will do alot of flying around the arena, so you'll need to give chase. Rather than trying to get behind him, just attack him head on. He has a powerful two-hit swipe, but it's easy to block, as he will 'warn' you about the attack by raising his hand and hold it a couple of seconds before attacking. Eventually, he'll fly to some rocks that are out of your reach, so cycle to one of your longe range materia (probably Fire and Ice) and spam it from a distance. From here, he will do the same, charging a lightning bolt attack that hits twice. When the casting bar appears, block to minimize damage, then continue with your spell spam. His most powerful attack is in the form of an FMV, and thus can't be blocked. After being hit, quickly heal to max and then continue with your original strategy. Eventually, he will die. 
^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Hit up close when on ground, hit with materia when in distance. Heal after he does his FMV attack. Block instead of dodge.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - CUTSCENE: Bahamut dies, leaving behind an orb.  
- FMV: Genesis sprouts a black wing and flies away. Shortly after, Shinra helicopters destroy the whole village in a bombing run, and Zack escapes with Tseng in a helicopter.

 - Chapter end.

                                                                                Chapter 4   [SEPH56]
- CUTSCENE: Zack reflects on Angeal while alone in the Shinra building. He gets a phone call from Sephiroth, and the scene ends. - You just got an email. Read it. Now head over to the elevators. Once you get in front of the elevators, two more emails arrive, so go ahead and read those. Now get in the elevator and select the third option to go to Lazard's office. 
 - CUTSCENE: Lazard, Sephiroth, and Zack talk in the office. Zack gets a change in clothes... Promoted to 1st Class! The black is much more spiffy. 
- Take note that you now have 2 more slots for materia, and the materia synthesis option in the menu can now be accessed. 
 - Go to through the door that says "BRIEFING ROOM" to get an email, read it, then proceed to a conversation with the scientist at the door. Select the second option to proceed, followed by another email to read. Another email will be sent after you leave the room. After reading, go back to Lazard's office. 
- CUTSCENE: While Zack, Sephiroth and Lazard are talking, an alarm sounds in the building! Genesis clones are attacking! 
 - Save at the save point, then continue down through the doorway. Select the first option in the dialogue box to confirm you want to leave. Zack will get into an elevator, which will jam at level 49. Select the top option in the dialogue box. 
 - Arriving at the bottom floor, Zack sees Shinra soldiers being killed by robots and clones, and then rushes to the opening to fight them back! You'll first fight one clone and one robot, then the real fight begins. 
- ***BATTLE: Robots and clones, oh my!*** It can be a bit tricky, but this is still an easy fight. Take out the clones first, they are weak and they are not replaced. The two robots are also easy on their own, but their machine gun attack has no warning and does mild damage, so if you are careless your health will drop quite a bit. Try and keep an eye on the one you are not attacking so you can dodge it's shots. After killing one robot, security drones come in, but are extremely weak and can all be killed in a few sweeping swipes if you place yourself right. After these, more clones come out, and then 3 of the first set of robots. It's really just more of the same, but en masse. Continue with the same strategy, and remember to heal if you get smacked around too much. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Sephiroth split up. Zack goes outside and sees a girl being attacked by clones...but finds out that she is one of the Turks when he tries to save her. After talking to Reno, Rude, Tseng, and the girl-- Cissnei, the scene ends. Cissnei is now unlocked on the DMW. - Follow Cissnei under the archway and into the LOVELESS district. Walk straight down the path to activate a cutscene. 
 - CUTSCENE: Cissnei is in a fight with Genesis...who is using 2 two shotguns? Oh...another clone. Get him! 
- ***BATTLE: Genesis Shotgun Clone*** Genesis will strut around, calmly, and he does plenty of damage too. Watch out for an occassional burst of speed, where he will try to smash you with one of the guns. He will sometimes pull out on of the guns and fire two bursts. This will rack up damage fast, and the stuttered hits will make it hard to dodge, so in this case, block those shots. Don't get too close either, because he might give you a good one-two which will leave you stunned. Focus on dodging around and hitting him in the back, he leaves it wide open quite often. His special move is quite the visual. It's worth getting hit just to see it! He'll strut forward, then rush you with both guns out! Some stylish shots later, and you'll be thrown back with some hefty damage. Heal and continue the fight. He's actually pretty easy once you get the pattern, his attacks are pretty limited in selection and scope. 
- CUTSCENE: Genesis will try to escape, but Zack cuts him down. The phone rings, and Zack answers to Sephiroth on the other end. Sephiroth, in a mako reactor, tells Zack to come, and the scene will transition there.  
- Save at the save point. There is a potentially tough fight coming up. Consider making a seperate save as well, because you'll be treated with a very cool FMV in a few minutes that you might want to revisit another time! 
 - ***BATTLE: Spear Imp*** This guy is WAY too strong for what would seem to be an unimportant fight. He jabs at you for high damage, and will leap into the air to fall down on you--causing even greater damage. Pay very close attention to his shadow when he jumps up so you can get ready to dodge, and also be ready to heal, because at this point in the game he can cripple you FAST. Still, his total HP is pretty low, so just slash away until he falls in defeat, then be treated to a few cinemas. 
- CUTSCENE: What's this... Angeal's head?! Sephiroth appears to explain. It would seem this one freakish clone of Angeal. Quite freakish indeed. Zack and Sephiroth then chat for a minute, and an FMV activates. 
- FMV: Angeal and Sephiroth listen to Genesis read from LOVELESS. The three then begin fighting atop a giant cannon. Best cutscene in the game. Or as some like to call it, Sephiroth battle porn. The best kind! 
 - That's it guys, the game will never get this cool again, so may as well turn it off and call it quits. Good game huh? Just playing, but that was quite badass, no? 
- CUTSCENE: Returning back to the present, Sephiroth and Zack talk for a while about Angeal, Genesis, and whatever else badasses talk about. 
- On the catwalk, turn to the left, and then to the right.
- You can't go down the ladder to the left of Sephiroth yet, so take a right at Sephiroth and follow the catwalk. At the end, there will be a wheel and a ladder. Turn the wheel then walk down the ladder. Save if you want before going down. 
- Straight down the path you can see Sephiroth waiting for you. Run down to him. Be careful of the battles. The clone you fought earlier appears as a regular enemy, and may carry more like him in the same battle. If this happens, lever lose sight of the second one, because if he manages to land on you in battle, it could be your demise. These things are a pain to the button mashers out there. 
- Sephiroth points you down to a switch you need to go press. Head back, all the way back up the ladder. Take the path you opened by turning the wheel and save at the save point. Then turn around and take the first left to a ladder which you will descend. You get an email you can check before going down the ladder. 
 - Go straight to the next wheel and turn it to lower a ladder. Then turn around and take a left. Take the next ladder down, and you'll be on the very bottom path, leading straight into the switch you need. Grab the treasure on each side of the switch and then press it. Turn around, and then go back up to Sephiroth. 
- Now entering a lab, featuring cloning tanks, you and Sephiroth decide to have a look around. Talk to Sephiroth first. This highlights some notepads for you to go check out. Read the one of the bed to activate a cutscene with Sephiroth. The next is on a panel in the back of the room, this one triggers a cutscene where Sephiroth recalls a memory of himself and Angeal talking to a Dr. Hollander after the accident in earlier battle flashback. Save at the save point if you haven't yet, and check the final notepad on the cart (next to the save point). Try to leave the room and Sephiroth will tell you to stay. Talk to Sephiroth again and a cutscene plays. 
- CUTSCENE: We learn of a Project G, or Project Genesis. Dr. Hollander enters the lab, accompanied by Genesis himself. Sephiroth and Genesis piss each other off, and then Zack gives chase to a running Dr. Hollander. 
- The chase sequence is kind of drawn out, but easily to figure out. Just chase Dr. Hollander as he runs through the reactor, occassionaly stopping to make you fight a battle. When the battles end, continue your chase. 
- The chase ends at a save point, just past it is a boss battle. So save!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   [[ BOSS: ROBOTSx3 ]] *Level: 11* (( DIFFICULTY: VERY EASY )) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   You've handled fights like this before, so this should be no big deal. Pick anyone of the ones you like and fight away as if it was a single robot. One down, then the next, then the next. The DMW should really do alot of work for you, but this would be easy even if it didn't exist. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Treat them like normal enemies. Take one at a time and win.
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Angeal argue, leading into a very short fight. Zack, as you may remember from his lookalike, falls into a pit, landing into...

                                                                            Chapter 5  [ANGE80]
- CHAPTER IMAGE: Sephiroth 
 - CUTSCENE: ...a flower bed. In a church. Hello Aeris! I like your blue dress! They chat briefly, and Aeris yells at him for nearly stepping in the flowers. Aeris is now unlocked in the DMW! 
 - There is a chest in the corner, rotate the camera to see it. Grab it then save. Talk to Aeris again and select the first option to continue. 
 - What a crappy transition in music. Oh well. You'll get an email as you follow Aeris down, readn it and continue. Monsters will jump out, but they are easy, so take them out. Cross into the next zone. 
 - Go forward and to the right, go through the giant gate. 
 - Walk to the small trailer with the lights on and the red writing on the side. You'll get an email, after reading it, walk over to the zoneline and try to enter to get a short scene denying your entrance. 
 - Go back to the man in front of the trailer to start a sequence with a small boy. Follow the kids tracks, circle around and talk to the girl in the purple shirt in the corner... 
1) A box will open, select the second option. 
2) Go around and talk to the man in overalls in front of the half open gate. 
 3) Aeris is behind you, talk to her. Select the top option to continue. 
 4) Run toward the girl in the purple shirt again. A scene plays 
5) Select the top option in the box to finish the chase, but not the event. 
6) Go outside to see a scene. 
7) Take a right to get an email and activate a battle. 
8) Easy fight, kill them to end the event. - Go back to the man in front of the trailer again. Zack buys Aeris a pretty pink bow! 
- Once the dialogue ends, walk to the door and select the top option. 
- CUTSCENE: Aeris and Zack talk in the playground, except Zack is interupted by a phone call and rushes off toward the Shinra building. 
 - Exit through the zoneline right in front of you for the next scene. Go back to the town square via the gate on the right. Now go back to the zoneline that you couldn't cross here and cross it. Confirm you want to do this by picking the top option. 
- You're now on the highway. Impressive visuals too. Save, because you will have to fight a series of battles. 
***BATTLE 1: 3 Winged Genesis Clones [Easy] 
 ***BATTLE 2: 2 Drill Robots [Very Easy] 
 ***BATTLE 3: 8 Winged Genesis Clones [Easy]
 ***BATTLE 4: Mutated Genesis Clone with Staff [Medium] 
This is the grand finale of these battles, and this guy is noticably tougher. He is slow, and thus easy to get behind, so focus on his back. His hits are powerful, but easy to dodge, so wait for him to raise his staff up and then dodge out of the way. He has a special kick attack that hits twice for decent damage and has a long range. It might be hard to dodge, so blocking might be a safer choice. He also can silence you and shoot powerful fireballs. If silenced, this may become difficult without a quick cure, so be sure to use a remedy from your item menu if this happens. Beat him for the next scene. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack encounters Angeal on the highway, who grabs him and flies him to the Shinra building. There, they meet up with Sephiroth, and then split up to take different sections. 
 - Save the game and walk down the hallway. 
 - Continue straight, the path to the right will only result in a dead end. 
- Crossing the zone will lead you to a very nostaligic lab from FF7. Have a look around, grab the chests at the end of the room, then proceed through the gated elevator. Talk to the scientist (Hojo) as you get to the next room. When the conversation ends, consider saving at the point behind you, then talk to him again. Select the top option in the dialogue box that opens. 
- CUTSCENE: Genesis shows up and threatens Hojo. Angeal shows up to break up the fight, but Genesis blows a hole in the wall and flies out. Angeal gives chase (with Zack) and they begin fighting. Zack gets to fight a familiar face- Bahamut!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: GOLD BAHAMUT ]] *Level: 13* (( DIFFICULTY: VERY EASY ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Bahamut is much upgraded from his last iteration, but in many ways he is easier. He is not mobile at all, eliminating the need to anticipate movement around the battlefield, and also stopping him from leaving sword range. It's impossible to get around him, so focus instead on attacking and preparing for his new attacks. He will draw back pulling a hand up, he holds this for a LONG time, giving you plenty of time to block the incoming 3-hit strike. It will push you back, so run back up to him and continue slashing. Cissnei is going to be your favorite DMW limit here. He also shoots out shards of his wings into the battlefield, which will rain down. These are really easy to dodge in such a big arena, so run to any end of your choosing and time a dodge as you run to avoid them all. Of course there is the inevitable FMV attack, which is unblockable. So after getting hit by it, heal up and continue. Occassionally, he will charge up two large energy balls and launch them out, but this is also very slow, making it easy to block. 

 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>All his moves are slow and easy to block. Just slash and block when needed.
- Chapter end.

Chapter 6 [LAZA00]

- CHAPTER IMAGE: Aeris - Zack, once again in the Shinra building, gets a phone call. You gain control again, and you now need to head toward Aeris. To do so, first go to the Elevator, and pick the first option to arrive on the bottom floor. You get an email at this point, so check it before moving on. Walk down the stairs and toward the exit. Stop by and talk to the woman in the business suit to get fully healed and have Reraise cast on you. Then walk out the exit. 

 - Now that you are outside, head toward the save point straight ahead, and go up the stairs. Another email is sent as you climb them, check it and get to the top. Walk beyond the couple and through the zoneline. Go straight past the train and across the zone again for the next sequence. 
 -Familiar territory now. After the meeting with Angeal, continue on to meet Aeris in the church. Check your emails along the way. 
- CUTSCENE: Guess you don't get to see Aeris after all. Tseng talks to Zack and they get on a Helicopter and fly away. Sadly, it crashes over Mt. Nibel and you have to go on foot from there. 
 - Save at the save point, and then head up the mountain path. Crossing the zoneline activates the next... 
- CUTSCENE: The moment many of you have probably waited for. Zack meets Cloud, and they hit it off quickly. Cloud is now unlocked on the DMW! - Follow the mountain path again, through another zoneline. On the other side, a short dialogue occurs. Cloud and Zack overlook an old factory, being guarded by Genesis clones. 
 - Run down the pathway and save. Then go into the facility, you'll get 3 options. Select the top option, and then you will recieve various prompts. 
 - To infiltrate the facility, you need to go inside, right, follow along the building, and down the stairwell. Getting caught will result in you getting thrown out to the entrance and forced to fight 3 soldiers. You can kill them all and just walk into the facility if it's easier, otherwise use 'X' and 'O' to hide from guards and grab the chests and, eventually, get inside. 
- Once inside, head right and go down the path to the save point. Boss fight coming up, a HARD ONE. Therefore, I'd suggest doing a few missions at this point to level up. Go to the mission screen and do the 7-2 missions 1-5. This will unlock two extra accessory slots for you to use, and the extra stat boosts will really help out on this fight. 
 - Go down the elevator. 
- CUTSCENE: As he gets to the bottom, Zack finds Dr. Hollander being threatened by Genesis...who has some white hair. After some yelling and a spiffy fight scene, it's time to take on Genesis. For real this time.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: GENESIS ]] *Level: 13* (( DIFFICULTY: HARD ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Genesis is fast, does good damage, and has a nice array of status effects to inflict. The worst of which is Curse, since it will stop the DMW from spinning. Focusing on his back is the obvious choice, but may be difficult to do since he is both deadly and fast. His special move drains your MP and casts Curse on you, so you'll have to use alot of Remedy's or kill him on your own merit, which may be slightly more convenient, if harder, to do. His sword combo goes a long way, so don't try to dodge it, block. Even blocking leaves you hurt though, so heal and continue to slice. DO NOT get greedy with hits, or else you will regret it. Draw it out, one or two there, one or two here... He also charges 3 balls of energy to shoot, and at a low level, this can kill you in a single hit if you don't block. Don't dodge, block. He is much to fast to try and get fancy with. As he starts to get low in health, he will start to heal himself and his sword attacks will come more often and much faster. To counter this, NOW is a good time to use those Remedy's you have, and allow the DMW to do some work on him, as you'll be getting fewer hits in just trying to avoid his wrath. After a while, he will fall, and you can breath a sigh of relief because, as far as I'm concerned, this is the toughest fight in the game! 

 **An alternitive to all this is to do a bunch of missions before this battle. This will ultimately raise the level of yourself, your materia, and hone some of your combat skills. In addition, this will also unlock materia for you to try out, which I'd suggest you do if you have a lot of trouble with this fight. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>This is nothing to be short about. Read the whole thing!
- CUTSCENE: Genesis crumples over, he and Zack talk briefly, and then Genesis falls over a ledge, never to be seen again...or will he? 

 - As Zack leaves, he notices that there is a new opening through some ice. Go through the tunnel. You'll be getting close to Nibelheim after the zone loads, so save at the save point to make sure you don't do something silly and end up fighting with Genesis again! Continue forward into the village. 
 - An email will arrive as you make your way to the buildings. Grab a chest straight ahead, then curl to the right and down a hill to find an opening with a chest. Get the chest and go inside after checking the email that will arrive. 
- Once inside, rotate the camera around and locate the two chests. Get the one on the right first, then head over to the left to get the second. Go back to the door and turn right, run past the steps and into the hallway. The sign above the path will read "MODEO PUBLIC BATH." 
 - Zack is attacked by a Griffin! This is actually a standard enemy, so standard battle tactics apply. 
 - Hmm... another Angeal clone. Better investigate things. Where are Cloud and Tseng anyways? 
 - Oh, there they are. Head up the stairs and watch the scene. Proceed through the doorway. 
- Go downstairs do a right U-Turn and head for the next set of stairs. Take them up. Go through the hole in the wall and then be sure to save at the save point which will be oriented behind you. Then head up the pipes. Go across the catwalk and into the boss room... 
- CUTSCENE: Zack finds Angeal, at last! Things aren't all well though, and Angeal calls nearby clones to fuse with him. He turns into a giant monster, leaving Zack no choice...

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: ANGEAL ]] *Level: 15* (( DIFFICULTY: HARD ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Angeal will do sweeping slashes with his spear, and probably follow that up by shooting out little white darts. Keep on the move. By staying behind him, he will have more trouble landing hits. Time your dodges, and his more basic attacks will be useless. However, watch out for the red casting bar, because he will use a lightning attack that will do A LOT of damage to you, and will kill you if your health has dropped too much, so guard on that one. He will cast Protect on himself, so you can consider switching to materia to do greater damage, but sword swings will still be your best best since they give you greater time for reaction to his attacks. His ultimate attack hurts like a BITCH. So be sure to have Cure ready, because this thing can one-shot you at too low a level. If you beat Genesis, I think beating Angeal will be fairly easy. Good luck!

^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Always stay on the move. Don't overdo your attacks, and keep distance when possible.
- CUTSCENE: Zack stands over Angeal's body, sad. They talk for a brief moment, and he passes away. Zack inherits the Buster Sword! Zack will visit Aeris, and break into tears at Angeal's memory. 

Finally, Zack is shown again, sitting alone in the Shinra building, sporting a new scar and a new hairstyle. He's hard.  Poor Zack ;_; 
- CUTSCENE: Zack walk in front of many Soldiers. He gives them a speech, then holds the Buster sword close to his face in rememberence of Angeal. 

 - Chapter end.

                                                                                    Chapter 7   [TIFA34]
- CHAPTER IMAGE: Cloud - CUTSCENE: Fanservice! Zack does squats on the beach, and Cissnei comes to visit. They are both wearing skimpy clothing. Before anything spiffy can happen, Tseng shows up and alerts them of Genesis clones. Grab that umbrella Zack, it's time to fight! 
- ***BATTLE: Genesis Divers*** Armed with only an umbrella and wearing no armor, you'll find this one is really...easy. You're still exactly the same, so take down these enemies quickly and watch the next sequence. 
- A short scene will play, and the location will change to Junon. It's time to fight a few battles, so fight them and begin working your way down the street. Grab the two chests, and enter the door on the right side at the dead end. Getting off the elevator, Zack finds a Gensis clone...using a big ass revolver. 
- ***BATTLE: Revolver Genesis*** Genesis will swing his gun around in two big sweeps, but this is VERY easy to dodge. He is also slow while doing this, so you can get easy shots at his back. Otherwise, he wil try to charge up his gun and shoot you, but the damage is so low you don't even need to heal. Kill and move on.  - Go down the street, you'll get an email and have to fight a few battles along the way. None of them difficult, here is the listing: ^^Battle 1) Revolver Genesis (again) ^^Battle 2) Revolver Genesis and Soldier (Hollander appears before battle**) - Save, then proceed to the panel on the left and press it. ^^Battle 3) Revolver Genesis and 2 Soldiers - Go press the switch again. The door will open to a a running Hollander, so give chase. He is your objective.  ^^Battle 4) Tank The tank might be tough for some. It has small satellites that float around to attack you, but they are weak and can be killed either by the DMW or by a couple swings. The tank can do alot of damage if allowed to hit you, it can plenty of damage, but the shot is easy to dodge and the thing is defenseless in the back. Even it's special move just summons back the satellites, so dispatch and move on.  - Tseng will enter and take the room over, so this is a nice little hub. - Go the save point, check your email, save, and then go outside by using the switch right in front of the save point.  - Dr. Hollander is still on the run, kill all the robots he summons out to fight you. A counter will go up with all the robots you kill, at 28, the event will end and you can continue chasing Hollander through the door. Press the switch and go inside.  - Save at the save point, then walk on. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: RED SECURITY BOT ]] *Level: 20* (( DIFFICULTY: EASY ))  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Remember this guy from FF7? He has alot of the same moves actually. His basic machine gun hits a few times, and actually does a couple hundred per hit, so watch out. Won't kill you, but you'll feel it. One of his special moves creates a large orb of energy around him that will hit you on any side, so it's safe to dodge away from him if he starts an attack, then continue to wail on him. For something his size, he is pretty fast, but you should still try to keep your hits behind him since his frontal attacks can hurt, and in the back you only have to dodge his energy orb. Finally, he will use a laser beam to scan for you. If you stay behind him and dodge, he won't scan you, so nothing happens. If you keep it up, you can get tons of free hits in his back because he will keep trying. Get hit, and it'll hurt quite a bit, but you can still recover and continue the strategy.  ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Even though it's slower, stay behind him and then you only have to dodge and energy orb. Easy.                                                                                                                                                                                                          - CUTSCENE: Zack finally chases Hollander down, but he escapes off a ledge with the help of Genesis clones. Zack and Sephiroth then talk about Genesis. I thought he was dead...? Oh wait, he's not. There he is, right there guys. Look, on the cannon. Ah well, you didn't see him. But he was there, honest. - Chapter end.

                                                                                 Chapter 8    [YUFF55] 
- CHAPTER IMAGE: CISSNEI - CUTSCENE:Zack runs to Slums Church to see Aeris, and thinks he hears something. Maybe not... He goes inside and finds an Angeal clone with Aeris! He goes to attack, but it's not aggressive... it's a friend! It attacks a robot-- the one following Zack inside, and then takes a spot at the top of the Church. It seems hurt. 
- Check your email, then go outside to encounter 3 robots. Fight and kill them, then look around to see two small yellow orbs on the ground. Right now, you are working to construct Aeris a flower cart. Pick up the orb on the left side, and then examine the one on the right. Further down, there is one last orb, pick it up and the little kid will talk to you. Leave the zone after checking the email you recieve on the way out. 
 - Go back throught the gate on the right to enter the town square. Go straight to the wood placed directly in front of you (near the trailer) when you walk in. Examine the wood, and a man will walk up to you. After talking, a box will pop up. Select the 3rd option. He will give you the wood and the kid will talk to you again. Now leave the zone toward the Loveless District. 
 - An email will arive as you pass by the train. 
 - Once in the LOVELESS district, walk straight and find the truck to the left. Talk to the man in front of the truck to get the last piece of wood. the kid will talk to you once more. Begin walking back to the Church. Before going inside, examine the yellow orb on the road one more time to pick it up. Talk to Aeris. 
 - CUTSCENE: Aeris takes a look at her new flower wagon. She seems slightly disapointed, but it's passable. I think it's nice. What a picky flower girl. Oh well, she likes Zack, so she's got good taste. I mean, if she fell for someone else, say, someone with spiky yellow hair, then she would deserve to be killed. By Sephiroth. Of course that would never happen, but she would deserve it. 
- Sephiroth is briefing Zack in the Shinra building. They talk about Genesis and SOLDIER. 
 - Go to the elevator and select the 2nd option to go to the bottom floor. Go to the lady in front of the exit again and get healed and reraise. Now go out the exit. Start back to the Church. 
 - An email arrives before getting to the train station. Another arrives before you zone into the trail leading to the Church. Once in the Church, talk to Aeris. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Aeris flirt it up, and decide to go to the playground. They are both sad, seems like Zack might be gone for a while... They sell flowers together at the playground, and Tseng shows up to talk to Zack while Aeris talks to a customer. 
- Talk to the SOLDIER to proceed. 
- CUTSCENE: Cloud and Zack see that they will be hanging out again, together in a mission, awesome! Cloud, being the asshole that he is, does not wear his helmet in the lineup that Sephiroth inspect. Sephiroth should seriously stab him. In the shoulder, so it doesn't kill him, but still do it. 

 -Chapter End.

                                                                       Chapter 9   [ZACK23]
 - CUTSCENE: Ah, Nibelheim. Sephiroth and Zack chat and then walk into the town. Zack reflects to himself about "Jenova." 
 - Walk toward Sephiroth to activate another short scene, which includes a smoking hot Tifa in a cowgirl outfit. Yeeehaaww! She talks to Zack briefly and then runs off. Talk to Sephiroth again. Folllow him into the Inn. 
- Walk up the stairs after checking your email, and talk to Sephiroth. 
 - Zack, Tifa, and Sephiroth talk in front of a mansion, and have their picture taken, along with numerous others on the way to the reactor in Nibelheim. Zack and Sephiroth block Tifa from going inside the reactor, and then go in themselves. 
 - CUTSCENE: Zack and Sephiroth ascend the stairs and inspect the door titled "JENOVA." Zack is surprised, but Sephiroth wanders without much care. He inspects a capsule in the room, opening it. A disgusting monster falls out. A CHALLENGER APPEARS: Genesis. C'mon Zack, Sephy, I told you that guy would be back. Should have listened. He incites some dispair/insanity Sephiroth, and then they both leave. Zack gives chase, but finds that Cloud was hurt on the way out, and begins to escort Tifa and Cloud down the mountain. Genesis is unlocked on the DMW! - Safe at the save point before making the journey down. 
 - This is an easy segment because Tifa and Cloud appear on the map, so you can just follow them to your destination. You'll have plenty of battles along the way, but all of them basic. 
- They walk slow, but they do lead the path. Follow them out of the zone. You're ultimate destination will be Nibelheim, so you can run ahead of them if you are in a hurry. 
 - PROTIP: Don't know the way, but don't want to wait on Tifa? Get into a random battle, and when you win, Tifa and Cloud will spawn next to you and continue on their path. 
- Once the music changes (change in zone to Nibelheim area), just go forward and cut right toward the mansion. Turn left and zone after the crossing the save point. 
 - CUTSCENE: Tifa, Cloud and Zack arrive in town. After talking to Tifa, Zack and Cloud go into the Inn for a good night's rest. That night, Cloud and Zack talk to each other in their room, and Zack has vivid memories of his past. Hurrah for an Inn theme! 
 - When gameplay returns, walk outside the room and check your email. Now go outside the Inn. Tifa bursts in to talk to you. Go outside. 
- CUTSCENE: Aeris calls Zack. Aww, he loves her. It's obvious. Don't need to know Japanese to figure that one out.
-After they finish their conversation, leave town by going straight from the direction you face after the call. Wow! Cloud runs fast! Since he's too fast anyways, go ahead and check the emails that come up and then go into the mansion.

 ((xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIDEQUEST: Locked Safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)) [LOKS01]
Along the top left side of the mansion, you will find a room with a safe. The safe is locked, and prompts for a code to unlock it. What is the code? It's random, unfortunately, so I can't tell you. However, if you take a look nearby you can find a list... 4 things are listed. They are clues on how to distinguish the code. There are 4 rooms that are locked, but you can look into the peepholes. In each room, you have to count something and jot down the number. 
1) On the top level, go to the room with the books and count all the books that are NOT on the shelf. This includes the books on top of the case. 
 2) On the bottom level is a room with floating pumpkins, count those. 
3) Also on the top level is a room with apples and cans. Count BOTH! 
4) Finally, on the bottom level, there is a room with chairs. Count! Once you have all 4 numbers, place them into the safe to open it up! 
((xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIDEQUEST COMPLETE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)) 

- Run up the stairs and check your email. Go right at the top. Another email. Continue and turn right again. 
 - Open the door in the room, then open the obvious trap door you find inside. Go right down the stairs, and then look to the right for a ladder. Go down. 
 - Check out the doors on the left and right to grab some chests. Don't bother with the coffins, unless you want a quick fight. When ready, go to the door at the end of the room and enter the library. 
- Ah, aloha Sephiroth. He walks around reading a book as you enter. My guess is that it's a not a steamy Nora Robert's romance never know. Talk to Sephiroth if you want, but then leave the entire mansion. 
- Time flashes around as Sephiroth reads all the romance novels in the whole library. - FIRE! Nibelheim is set aflame! Try leaving toward the mansion again. 
 - FMV: Sephiroth gives you his gaze of death, then turns away into the flames. Wait, wasn't this in Advent Children? Lazy bastards. 
 - Check on the soldier on the ground, then follow Sephiroth. Zack will stop when you try to leave, but go ahead and leave after that. 
 -WARPED to the path to the reactor. Follow it up the same route to the reactor. Check emails along the way. 
- PROTIP: Throughout this guide, I have always said to save when available. You may have disregarded these before and moved on. DO NOT DO THIS NOW. SAVE. It does not take a genius to figure what's about to happen, and you may end up trying more than once. Save. 
 - After SAVING, proceed into the reactor. 
 - Check on Tifa, lying to the right. Watch the spiffy door break-in, and get ready for a quick cutscene. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack is, understandably, pissed at Sephiroth. Sephy does not seem to care too much, and instead stares at Jenova. 
 - POINTLESS FMV: For 3 seconds, the Jenova fixture is shown being ripped off of the chamber walls. 
 - CUTSCENE: Sephiroth stares into the true face of his "mother," the alien Jenova. Zack threatens Sephiroth, AND THE BATTLE BEGINS!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: SEPHIROTH - ROUND 1 ]] *Level: 23* (( DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Here it is. Wail away at him, the usual methods here. Sephiroth does a lot of teleporting around the arena. Watch out when he has teleported 2-3 times, as he will then do a 4 slash attack. So you can dodge this easily by not provoking him up close after a couple teleports. Use the size of this room to your advantage. If you start to hurt, flee from him and spam some cures on yourself, then return to the heat of battle. Don't bother with his backside, he turns to keep up with you. His first special move is an easy dodge. He crouches down, holding his sword. He will thrust it forward to fling you back, but this is medium-high damage that is EASY to get away from. Worry more about his other stuff... His ultimate attack is very cool looking, and also does a hefty sum of damage. Again, the size of the arena helps out, so just retreat after this and heal up. This battle won't offer too much challenge early on. WARNING: Sephiroth will occassionally use an attack that drops your HP to 1. PAY ATTENTION to your HP, because he may follow up with a deathblow, so just be ready to flee and and heal. Once he starts to get weak, he will summon colored crystals to float around him. You can attack these, but honestly, just focus on Sephiroth and let your attacks bleed over onto them. Their damage is small and you just waste time trying to kill them. Even the DMW might pop in and take them down for you, so keep focus on him. He does not heal, so fairly soon, he will fall. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Fairly easy, dodge his attacks, ignore the orbs, watch for 1HP attack. -

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: SEPHIROTH - ROUND 2 ]] *Level: 23* (( DIFFICULTY: HARD )) + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  Sephiroth has the same moves in this fight, but now you have a TINY arena. The strategy has to change too, because he will try to push you to the end of the catwalk and that will result in an instant kill. Be VERY aggressive. Just keep attacking, only leaving to heal. If you are using a materia setup, spam whatever get's you the highest damage, because you must defeat him before he pushes you off. Other than that, the strategy from the last fight will remain fairly constant. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >>Same fight as before, but on tiny arena. Same strategy, but fight faster, as the clock is ticking!
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Sephiroth duke it out, Zack ultimately losing the fight. Sephiroth goes back to gawking at his mother, when Cloud walks up. Gogo Cloud! He stabs Sephiroth in the back, but Sephiroth somehow survives the blow, and attacks Cloud. In one last burst of strength, Cloud throws him into a pit, and then, from the pains of a stab wound, falls and lands next to Zack's body. 
 - CUTSCENE (2): Hojo and the Turks investigate the scene. They are detained. Zack slips out of consciousness. 

-Chapter End.

                                                                                  Chapter 10 [TSEN11]
- CHAPTER IMAGE: The photo taken of Zack, Tifa and Sephiroth. 
- CUTSCENE: Angeal talks to Zack through the test tube, and Zack slips into (or further into) a dream. 
- FMV: Zack looks around and sees a white feather. He realizes he is standing on water. The screen shatters, and we find out so has his test tube! - CUTSCENE: A scientist investigates, and then Zack knocks him out. After releasing Cloud from his chamber, the two start making their way toward the surface of the mansion. 
 - Grab the chest in the room, then check the scientist to pick up his keys. Leave the room. Now continue out of the mansion to the exit. At each room transition, Zack will stop and help Cloud along the path. 
- When Zack puts cloud in bed, continue toward the mansion exit. As you get the the stairwell, an email arrives. 
 - Now out of the mansion, go to Nibelheim. (Turn right at the save point). 
- Finally at the town center, Zack tries to escape, but Shinra soldiers attack! 
 - ***BATTLE: Shinra Soldiers*** This one is interesting, because you have to kill the soldiers within a time limit. Keep an eye on Cloud, they will try to take him away. Don't let that happen! Other than this condition, they are easy kills, just don't play around! In between rounds of enemies, be sure to quickly run up to Cloud and stop the soldier carrying him. 
- As the final guy leaves, Zack will stagger, obviously having trouble in the fight. After talking to Cloud, he will return to the mansion to regain strength. 
 - After the short scene, leave the room Cloud is in and walk toward the staircase. Continue down the hallway (instead of down the stairs) and enter the door on the left. Check your email, then look inside the dresser. Ah, just the thing! 
 - Return to Cloud. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack has a one-sided conversation with Cloud, who now dons the uniform of a 1st Class Soldier! He also has memories of Aeris, whom he obviously misses. 
 - Time to go, Cloudo. Zack goes back to the square with Cloud and more soldiers attack! 
- ***BATTLE: Shinra Soldiers*** Too easy. Just a basic group, no time limit either, so slaughter them! 
- An email arrives after killing them. Check it then head for the exit. Just before you get there, another email arrives to check. Now exit. - Now on the road to Midgar, Zack has to clear the road for Cloud. Follow the beaten path. 
 - MINIGAME: As you follow the road, you will find sniper rifles on the ground. Pick them up and use them to shoot the robots. A shot to the head does most damage, but you can also hit them on their 'feet.' Avoid the shield, it's invincible. Zoom with Square, Exit with 'X,' and shoot with Circle. 
 - This is a nice segment because no enemies will be a major threat, so relax and shoot the breeze...but try to hit the robots instead. 
- As you find a road sign, follow it to the right and pick up the rifle. Fire it at the barrell next to the robots to instantly kill them both. Now go back and go the other way at the sign. 
 - At the next sign, turn right and finish off the last few robots on your trail. Now go to the Save point, save, and walk toward the ocean. 
- CUTSCENE: While staring out at the sea, Cissnei walks up behind Zack. What first seems like a friendly reunion quickly turns deadly as she threatens Zack. He easily deflects her attack and walks away from her, letting her live. Zack catches up with Cloud and talks to him. Non-responsive. Cissnei approaches, but this time as a friend. She offers Zack a parting gift, in the form of keys! Zack and Cloud now have wheels to make their way to Midgar! 
- CUTSCENE: Zack and Cloud travel down the highway in style. What's that..? They encounter Genesis clones! And Genesis himself! After getting manhandled by Genesis, Zack is forced to deal with the toughest of Genesis clones yet! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: GENESIS MUTANT ]] *Level: 26* (( DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM ))  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This thing is very much like a normal enemy, making him less intimidating than some of the other bosses you've had to face. Don't get cocky though! He has two primary attacks. When close, he will slash at you with one of his freak arms. This can do over 1000 damage, so dodge INTO the attack. This will leave you close and able to continue hitting him. His other main attack is a three fireball shot, each doing 300-400 damage. Dodge into these as well. Since you can remain close up to attack, his high damaging attacks are offset by the ease of dodging them. Ironically, his ultimate attack does the least damage out of the bunch, so don't worry too much about it. Master dodging and take him down! 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >> He does HIGH damage, but the attacks are easy to dodge. Be patient and be quick and he will be an easy victory. 
- CUTSCENE: The monster dies, fading into the lifestream. Zack walks back to the motorcycle and reflects on Angeal. He drives off into the distance. 
 - Zack arrives in Gongaga, his home town. He leaves Cloud in the cycle and begins making his way to the town area. - Run up the hill straight ahead and check your email before zoning. 
 - Grab the chest and save, then continue for a cutscene. 
 - CUTSCENE: Queue the Turks theme. Cissnei and Zack meet up in Gongaga, but it's not really a loving reunion. Zack spots an Angeal clone nearby, and runs off to catch up with it. - Walk straight ahead and up the hill, cross the zone. 
- Look to your side to grab a chest, then cross over the waterfall. Follow the trail down until another cutscene activates. - Time to fight! 
 - ***BATTLE: Revolver Genesis and Spear Genesis*** (Easy, no guide needed) 
- CUTSCENE: Even more Genesis clones come after you, but Hollander stops them...along with Genesis himself. Hollander appears to have undergone degeneration, like Genesis. He must have injected himself! Zack and Genesis have a surprisingly civil conversation, and Genesis flies away. 
 - Go back down the mountain all the way toward Cloud. SAVE along the way. 
- CUTSCENE: Zack gets to Cloud just in time! Hollander attempts to take Cloud, but Zack defends him...and so does Angeal! Angeal, degenerated, appears to offer backup to Zack. He fights Genesis clones while Zack works on Hollander... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [[ BOSS: HOLLANDER ]] *Level: 26* (( DIFFICULTY: HARD )) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Remember the mid-game Genesis fight that I said was the hardest in the game? Yeah, well this is the 2nd hardest. Hollander does a lot of shuffling around the field, so it's easier to hit him in the back. The main reason he will be difficult is a breath attack he uses. When he draws back, he will spew out a yellow breath with a large range. This attack will silence, poison and curse you. Use a remedy or else this will be nearly impossible. When nearby, he will swing his 'purse' at you for mild damage, but this is an easy dodge. Also keep an eye out for an attack where he will summon numerous grubs on the field. Kill these off, they will be a major setback when trying to focus on him. His ultimate attack is a high damager, so heal quickly if you are hit with it. As a result, also be sure to keep your health high throughout the fight so that he does not kill you with this attack. Eventually, he will throw a potion at the ground and make himself invincible. If he does this, you know you are getting close. Just avoid him and use this chance to heal because you won't do any damage against him. When he returns to normal, return to damaging. finally, when he is nearing death, he will heal himself. This is where you really need to lay on the hurt however you can, because he heals for quite plenty. With perseverence, he will fall. 
^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >> If you can avoid the breath attack, he will fall fairly easily. 
 - CUTSCENE: Hollander falls, vanishing into the lifestream. Zack goes back to check on Cloud and Angeal, and finds that, while wounded, Angeal was victorious. They talk, and it appears that Angeal is actually Lazard! Angeal cells have transformed him! Then, while talking, the location of Genesis becomes apparent, and Zack makes his way to Banola village... 

 - Chapter End. 

 Chapter 11   [VINC77]
- CHAPTER IMAGE: Zack and Cloud in a motorcycle. 
 - This is it, you've made it to the final chapter. This one is short, it is simply the final dungeon, which is tiny, really making it just the final battle. - Go down the pathway toward the lifestream beam in the sky, cross the zone. 
- Run to the hole in the ground, and select the top option in the box that opens. 
 - Run in the direction of the screaming sound you just heard, down the cave. 
- You have to collect 7 orbs in this zone, the "Gifts of the Goddess." None of them will be in the jail zone, all of them scattered elsewhere. Here is the list of their locations, and the best order to get them... 
1) Run down the pathway and grab the first one that appears on the right. --Continue down and do a U-turn to the left and save at the save point. 
2) Go back, walk beyond the lake, and turn left up the incline. Go to the top and grab the chest. 
3) Go back down, turn left and enter the small opening in the rock, cross to the other side and grab the chest. -- Run up the incline on your left, then turn right at the top and left at the first opening. You enter a room full of water with lifestream beams. 
4) On the right, as soon as you zone in. 
5) On the left side of the room, in between two beams of lifestream. 
6) On the right end, near the save point. --Leave the room. 
7) Turn left and follow the small pathway down to a chest. - From the last chest, continue through the opening to it's right and then walk deeper into the cave. - Now in a greener area, run down and go to the save point. 
- Go to the alter and investigate it, select the top option. 
 - ***BOSS 1: GENESIS MUTANT*** There is no strategy needed, use the same strategy from the last time you fought the Genesis mutant, as he is the same enemy. 
 - NOTE: He IS much harder this time, so play careful. 
 - Enter the door. 
 - CUTSCENE: Sorry guys, you no longer need these. Enjoy this one on your own. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  [[ BOSS: GENESIS: ROUND 1 ]] *Level: 29* (( DIFFICULTY: EASY/MEDIUM ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   What a hideous beast. When it stabs it's sword in the ground, you can attack it, this is what you will focus on for the fight. When the sword is in the ground, enemies will be spawned in waves to attack you. If you are using any kind of AoE materia at this point, spam it, because you can kill off the enemies and damage Genesis at the same time. Otherwise, focus on the enemies first, then get the sword with whatever you have left. Allow the DMW to do plenty of damage in this fight, as it will be the best method when the sword is pulled back and it will often damage Genesis while you focus on his minions. Other than his minions, he will use an occassional spell here and there, just block these to minimize the already low damage. This guy is actually very easy, he just takes a LONG time. Don't get overzealous with your attacks, be patient, and he will fall. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >> Long, long fight, but he will die if you focus on the minions and block his attacks. Very easy for a final boss.
 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  [[ BOSS: GENESIS: FINAL ]] *Level: 29* (( DIFFICULTY: EASY ))  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   One last enemy to beat. After all your work, you can now take it easy. Genesis is a pushover. If you beat the last battle, you can beat him now. He acts similar to his appearence midway through the game, except that he now does not Curse you, do the DMW can continue. His HP is fairly low, and since he can be stunned by hits from the back, you can stack quite a few criticals on him. All his attacks can be dodged, and rather quickly, he will die. 
 ^^^^IN SHORT^^^^ >> Dodge for the win~! 



New Game                                                                    [NEWG12] 

After the credits have rolled, you have the option of saving your game. You might want to consider saving onto another file. Your file becomes the data for a NEW GAME +, which allows you to play through the game again, but this time you get to keep a few things for the playthrough: 

1) Level 
2) Items 
3) Accessories 
4) Play time 
5) Gil 
6) Materia 

1) Mission Progress 
2) DMW 
3) Shops 
4) Extra Materia and Accessory Slots 

Saving onto another file allows you to keep all your mission progress if you don't want to let it go, otherwise, you'll have to do them all over again!

Future Updates                                                  [FUTR07]

1) A complete rewrite of the guide. The current one is mostly all business, and will get you all the way through the game. However, I'd like to use this version as a roadmap of sorts for refining and making it an entertaining read as well. 

2) Transcripts of important lines and sequences using the translations from (with his permission). 

3) A complete walkthrough of all sidequests, including missions, as well as the rewards you get from them. 

4) Enemy lists, accurate enemy names, enemy stats, and item/materia lists. 

5) Alternate strategies for bosses, and refining the current ones. 

 6) Cover the English version, when it comes out!

(I know the english version is out, but this is his from the Japaneese version....)

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If you find any errors, just want to contribute to the guide, or need more help on a specific area of the game, feel free to send me an email or an instant message. My email address is:,  My MSN Messenger address is: I don't get on messenger very much, so you are better off emailing me. 

Please include something like "Crisis Core" in the subject line, just so I don't accidently delete it. I'm happy to help with anything, and I'm also going to be happy to listen to any criticism you have on the guide. My goal is to make something useful to the people, so help me make this.

(this is to contact Mr. Sting Cain. NOT me)

Credits                                                                                  [CRED79]

Putting together a guide like this can be fairly difficult, and of course there are always people to thank: 

-GameFAQs Thanks for hosting the guide and the site for so long guys. 

-Silentweak Silent has a complete translation of the games storyline on his website, This translation can certainly help one enjoy a game, and made it worth importing the game! 

-Crisis Core Message Board (on GameFAQs) Always friendly and always working on the game, it was nice to pick up tips and tricks from you guys in putting this guide together.

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