Iron Man for psp




Controlls : 8/10
The controlls were kind of weird, but i got used to them near the end, and switching to the different selections came second nature. The flying was amazing! It also allows you to switch out of inverted and into for both walking and flying.

Graphics : 10/10
The graphics were pretty normal and stuff for a console, but this is a handheld! The graphics amazed me! I knew psp had amazing graphics, but this just astounded me about how UBER AMAZING it is!

Cutscenes : 7/10
The cutsceness were okay,  but not as good as the actual game.

Sound : 10/10
The sound was amazing! I just pure loved it.

Replayability : 5/10
This game has barely any replayability. I am trying to go through on the hard dificulty instead of normal, but i just know what to do, and i remem from the earlier game.

Bonuses : 11/10
The bonuses were amazing! you can unlock all the suits, videos, art, weapons, and even new armor.

Overall : 8/10
It was a great game, but cutsenes and replayability ruined it.