Mud and blood 2


If this is your first time playing mud and blood 2 then this should help you a lot if it’s not then it will help you somewhat. DON'T JUST QUIT AND FIND A NEW GUIDE CAUSE OF THIS TEXT ITS JUST THE BASICS FOR NEW PLAYERS!!!!!!!

       First of all Mud and blood 2 is a strategy defense game in which you try and hold your line against German waves. In this game you can earn badges and ribbons and rank up ranking up will give you more options and getting badges and ribbons will help you along the way. I will give a guide of all the badges and ribbons later in the guide.

First of all the most important aspect of the game is tactical points (TP for short). With TP you can call reinforcements, artillery (arty) strikes, air strikes, and more.

       Here is a reinforcement list

French resistance soldier- 1 TP 75 HP weak French soldier with low morale and low rifle skill with Springfield gun best use would be too put him up front as a meat shield.


Soldier-3 TP 100 HP regular soldier with Springfield gun rifle skill and morale varies sometimes you get a bad sometimes you get a good and sometimes you get a super soldier it all depends on your luck.


Officer- 3TP 100 HP comes with pistol and lets you use focus fire and hold fire and can sometimes give you TPs morale and rifle skill varies.


Corpsman (medic)- 3 TP 100 HP simply a medic doesn’t shoot heals you men and can heal your entire squad at once no matter how big. But they have to be close to the medic and the medic only heals 1 HP every couple of seconds.


Engineer-4 TP 100 HP Probably the most important unit in the game can build a variety of different things including trenches and bunkers. He has an automatic gun and is a game saver and changer.


Flamethrower- 3 TP 100 HP crazy unit the flamethrower is he can be killed with one shot to the fuel pack. He is good at setting things (and people!) on fire. Best placed on front lines where he is not setting you own troops on fire. Tip: If you set an enemy on fire and its running toward your lines pause the game (space) then unpause the game and he won’t set anyone or anything on fire.


Engineer- 3TP 100HP the engineer is a slow moving unit because of his heavy pack  he can call for air and arty strikes and more (he needs a officer to do some things) I recommend hiding him in a bunker and  [if needed] use him from there.


Bazooka- 4 TP 100 HP the powerhouse of the infantry. This guy can kill as many enemies as allies’ risky unit to get very bad at first as he tends to shoot off the screen but he is good destroying tanks. As I said very risky unit, get him at your own risk.


Crew member- 5 TP so your sitting there pwning with your AAA cannon and suddenly you say “oh no a sniper picked off my gunner” instead of spending 20 TP for a new one you can spend 5 TP for a new gunner. This also works for the M3 and the jeep.


Special operations unit: very deadly unit with maximum kill potential equipped with an automatic gun and grenades he can peel off a lot of Germans. Best in a trench behind rest of troops if your planning on having troops up front then take away grenades so he doesn’t kill your troops. (This can be done in the gun menu.)


Scout- 6 TP 100 HP don’t get him simple as that you would be better off buying a bar for a soldier or a sniper or a cam net or something all this overpriced unit can do is tell you when the next wave is coming. Get at your own risk.


Gunner- 4 TP 100 HP very good unit after he gets some exp. He is best at the way back of your lines pinning down enemies while your other troops kill the Germans. Worth the money and is one of the few units who don’t falter while in a bunker.


Sniper- 6 TP 100 HP good unit right here you can place him behind a tree in the front of the battlefield under a cam net and he will get it done. The longer he is in the better he gets, he is invisible when he is not shooting.


Jeep- 6 TP 500 HP very good deal nice automatic gun and nice speed to move around the battlefield can also work as a meat shield for your other units while still firing on enemy units. Like the gunner he is good at pinning down enemies. Even if the gunner gets shot you can buy a crew member to replace him but it’s better to buy a new one and place the other one on the front of the map to take the damage.


Mortar- 8 TP 100 HP nice support unit can take out tanks jeeps and units (yours too!!!) he is better at the back of the map and cannot shoot while under a cam net or in a bunker.


Tank- 20 TP 1000 HP people look at this and say a tank! I will be unstoppable but sadly no, that isn’t true. The tank is best up front enemy rifle fire won’t do too much damage and it won’t be hit by bazookas as easily. Strong unit but usually doesn’t get many kills.


Airborne soldiers- 12 TP for 4 soldiers some come with different guns than regular soldiers and some come with the same but NEVER get a airborne soldier in a battlefield with trees the trees kill them or severely damage them.


AAA 20 mm cannon- 20 TP 300 HP strong cannon can take down aircraft and soldiers but not something to get too early in the game. If you lose your gunner you can replace him for 5 TPs. This is a very strong thing to get but very risky one sniper shot and hes down lucky/unlucky grenade=dead and it can blow up so you don’t always have a 5 TP reload.



M3- cost 12 TP (I know it says 15 but you need 15 to buy it but it actually costs 12 TP) 500 HP one man moves it another shoots it. It moves slow but can take out anything the germans throw at it with a lucky shot of course. It has a slow fire rate and is a risk too get best next to a trench for fire support.




 hotkeys and officer command overview

Now that you have a brief overview of all the units I will show you through the rest of the menu:


Officer commands: hotkey:2


Hold fire- Tell a soldier to hold his fire for 10 seconds. Must have officer or NCO (non commissioned officer) in your squad. I find this best to use when you have a AAA M3 or Bazooka and you want to place mines up front then you use hold fire (it can be stacked) to get the engineer up and placing without getting killed by your own troops.


Heroism- Brings a soldier instantly to 200 hit points must be corporal (2 stripes) or higher rank to get. Costs 4 TP. This is really just saving your troop if you have a really good troop out there who might die soon and you have some extra TP use this it will bring him up to 200 HP (this will not save him from a lucky/unlucky arty shell) but it will be a instant save. Note: the medic will not heal him again until he is under 100 HP he won’t heal if he is 150 or something like that. No officer is required.


Concentrate fire- Allows your officer to prioritize a target for your whole squad to shoot at. I LOVE this command it is one of the best in the game what this really does is makes your whole squad shoot at one person. This is best used against jeeps, bikes, or if you have a lot of cam nets German scouts. Since this is a 60 second cooldown use it carefully.


Taunt- This will bring in another wave of Germans and give you a TP. 20 second cooldown this is good to use when you want to speed up the game or want more of a challenge or just need a TP. No officer is required.


Ranger training and equipment- This will [as it states] give your soldier ranger training and equipment. In further detail it equips the soldier with a M1 garand, grenades and it raises morale and rifle skill. It is good if you can afford it. Don’t get this if you already bought a bar because it will take it away. This is something you want to give to your best shooter. No officer is required.


Retreat- this is basically for when you don’t want to play anymore then you click retreat you still get your score and all medals you earned.


Gun menu Hotkey: 3 here I am going to tell you about one of the most important things in the game upgrading weapons.


Bar- The bar is a machine gun 6 TP expensive but strong best used on someone with high morale and high rifle skill you don’t want to overdo the bar in the game so get it for 1-2 soldiers mostly. Hotkey: 1


Tommy gun- A.K.A the Thompson. For  3 TP the Tommy gun is the other machine gun in the game. This gun can do a lot and when you need automatic weapons but don’t want to spend too much get this. This gun can do so much better for larger squads when you need weapons but not enough TP. Hotkey: 2


M1 Garand- 2 TP. Definitely a strong gun this thing is super deadly in the hands of a high morale high rifle skill high exp soldier. This gun is also available with ranger training which if you’re planning on only getting it for one soldier is the better option. Hotkey: 3


M1 carbine- 2 TP. Semi-automatic gun used a lot in world war 2 best for lower skilled soldiers because this gun was made for soldiers like that. Even civilians used this gun to fight in war. Definitely a better choice for low skilled soldiers than high. Hotkey: 4


Shotgun- 1 TP. I think everyone knows what a shotgun is so not much explaining needed here but it is better at close range so if you have a trench up front with troops arm them with shotguns and if you find soldier breaking through your lines often then give a soldier a shotgun and let him take care of them. Hotkey: 5


Grenades- 1 TP. Dangerous weapon that only should be used on very experienced soldiers and should never be used if you have soldiers over half way up the map. Hotkey: 6


Downgrade weapon back to Springfield- 1 TP pointless completely pointless. You may be thinking that if you have all automatic squad and they are breaking through then get a shotgun or save a extra TP and get a garand or carbine I just cant see any point in this. Hotkey:7


Remove frag grenades- I use this a lot if you get a inexperienced soldier and he comes with frags you should take them away it’s free too. Also if you have soldiers high up in the field then take grenades away from soldiers in the back of the battlefield. Hotkey: 8


Radio procedures really speak for themselves except for sitrep the sitrep is just spend a TP and 10% chance you get 5 I wouldn’t try it often. Hotkey: 9


Next and final one is buildings you need a engineer for them. Hotkey: 5


Mines- 1 TP for 3 mines. The mines are in a triangle and they have no mercy for ANYONE who steps on them they are good for taking out bikes I like to make a wall of 30 mines (10 TP) early in the game.


Antenna- 1 TP. Will speed up radio communications and is only useful if you’re using a signaler a lot. It does work though.


Radar station- 3 TP only use this if you have a larger squad because larger squads get attacked by the air more.


Barbed wire- 1 TP kinda pointless as it won’t stop people from going through it will simply hurt them as they go through I use this sometimes just in front of a trench but its not needed.


Sandbag wall- 1 TP. Simply a 1 man trench but it can be blown up I would save the extra TP and get a trench. Of course you can buy sand bags in front of the trench for further protection I would only recommend this for quick protection.


Trench- 2 TP. Nice protection against bullets and the focal point of your defense. This is cheap and good and can’t be blown up but is easily cleared with grenades I recommend no more than 3 people in a trench to avoid being blown up.


Bunker- 5 TP.Ultimate protection against planes and arty. You can mouse over it to see what is inside and kept near trenches is a easy escape route for your troops when arty or planes are coming.


Cam net- 5 TP. This is the bees knees right here. Perfect for covering your troops so you don’t get bombed. Of course there are infiltrators rendering these ineffective but that is what focus fire is for. This is perfect for covering trenches. Mortars cannot shoot while under a cam net.


TNT charge- 3 TP. This is not needed until later in the game when you need to blow up tanks TNT will get the job done.


Palisade- 3 TP wall that blocks the line of sight put on one side of the map where you don’t have anything else coat it with mortars or place wounded troops by it mortars can shoot over it…your and Germans.


Lastly there is mute which will mute it Hotkey is 6

 I'm very sorry but i cant get the medals to load on the site.


That is the setup that you get at the beginning as you progress you can get more which are shown on the ops menu.


What I like to do at first which seems to work is put 1 soldier on each side and 2 in the middle then get an engineer and build a trench in the middle like this:


Then I go and build mines and another trench and get my best shooter a garand like this:


That is how I like to start off and leave my engineer up front to keep up the mine field then when needed bring him back for cam nets with cam nets you can get really anything you want because they are not counted as units so they wont be bombed I like to end up around here (but I never go for the exact same strategy)


Keep in mind this is a lot of TP and can only be gotten late in the game with lots of building up for it.
That is a strategy that will hold off a lot of Germans with the mixture of weaponry.
There are a lot of strategies though some people like to not build defenses and rush their troops up the map and advance a lot. Some people like to build up on the map and get trenches and shotguns.
It is good to think of your own strategies but you can also use mine or any others once you get to captain you can use random squads and if you don’t like them than you can refresh the page but never retreat if you don’t like your squad then you will have a hard time getting certain medals.
Here is a medal to try and get:
Assault expert award- Issued anytime after 10 missions is the commander has an average of 50+ kills per mission. The enemy will be less courageous while fighting you.
  It is very helpful.  I hope you all liked that guide
Here are some German words or phrases to help you understand what they are doing

Überlauf sie schnell schnell= overrun them quick quick!


Bombardieren Sie sie jetzt=Bomb them right now

Sie sind schwach= they are weak

Feuern Sie auf ihrer Gruppe= fire on their squad

Ich habe Hunger und will eine Erdnussbutter und Geleesandwich= I am hungry and want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (just to increase your vocab)